Execution will the fate of Habib Chaab Asyoud

The human rights activities for Ahwazi refugees is rapidly shrinking as the Iranian regime intensifies its moves to tighten the screws on Ahwazi activists abroad.


Indeed, the regime was able to arrest many of the Ahwazi activists abroad through political and intelligence deals, the most recent of which was the arrest of the Ahwazi leader, Habib Chaab.

According to information gathered from multiple parties, the Ahwazi leader entered Turkey on October 9th with his Swedish passport and was detained there over the past weeks amid extreme secrecy by the Turkish authorities, who ignored his family’s inquiries and all letters and communications of the authorities in Sweden about his fate for 25 days. Until it was confirmed that he was handed over to the Iranian regime and deported across the border with Turkey to Tehran.


The Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s news agency reported that the Turkish authorities handed Habib Chaab to Iran through the West Azerbaijan border crossing, as part of an intelligence operation.


The organization renews its concerns about the life of Mr Chaab, who is likely to be exposed to severe bodily harm that may amount to execution by the authorities in Iran on trumped-up charges.


Based on the lofty principles contained in the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international charters and covenants for human rights the organization calls on the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to strive to implement the following:

First: The immediate and unconditional release of Habib Chaab.


Second: The release of all Ahwazi detainees who were imprisoned for no reason other than defending the just Ahwazi cause. Until their release, the Ahwazi prisoners must be guaranteed the provision of the medical care they need in light of the outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid-19).


Third: Ensure that Ahwazi detainees are subject to fair trials, especially since the judicial system is fully subject to the control of the ruling system, and that all guarantees are taken away from the detainees to appoint lawyers to defend them.


Fourth: Activating the human rights provisions related to the protection of Ahwazi refugees in various parts of the world and holding violators accountable through serious mechanisms.


The organization calls on the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to take immediate action and apply maximum pressure on the Iranian regime so that the realizes that the world’s eyes are focused on its actions and human rights violations against the Ahwazi people.


The organization also calls on the international community, represented by its human rights bodies to take the necessary actions as soon as possible, and hold accountable those who were involved in the arrest and surrender of Mr Chaab to the Iranian authorities.


The Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights


Execution will the fate of Habib Chaab Asyoud

Execution will the fate of Habib Chaab Asyoud

Execution will the fate of Habib Chaab Asyoud

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