The Ahwazi Organization for the defence of Human Rights holds the Iranian regime responsible for the life of the prisoner, Mr. Saleh Fadli

The Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights held the Iranian regime responsible for the life of the captive Mr. Saleh Shahd Fadli, after he was taken to an unknown location, despite his difficult health situation.


The organization stressed that this criminal step comes in the context of the continuous pressure methods, and the systematic slow execution policy, which targets the prisoner Mr. Saleh and hundreds of sick and isolated prisoners.


The organization explained that the prisoner had been arrested nearly a year without being charged or a clear arrest warrant, and a month ago, prison authorities had transferred him from the eighth wing of political prisoners to an unknown location without informing his family; Who have increased fears about his fate.


The organization further pointed out that the prisoner, Mr. Saleh – 23 years old, from Al-Hamidiya -was afflicted with “serious TB”, expressing its deep concern in light of the Iranian regime’s denial of contact with his family and the silence of his health with the outbreak of the Corona epidemic (Covid 19) and the absence of procedures Precaution and preventive prisons in notorious.


Accordingly, the organization calls on the International Committee of the Red Cross and the relevant international institutions to assume their responsibilities in pressuring the Iranian regime to end the suffering of the prisoner Mr. Salih and his immediate and urgent release, and to provide him with all forms of treatment in light of his deteriorating health condition, and to introduce all the essential elements of his life. Which the Iranian regime is barring from entering for long months.


The organization stresses that the silence of these institutions on the Iranian regime’s crimes against the prisoners is always a cover for continuing the systematic Iranian violations against them, especially the policies of torture and isolation.

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