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AODHR condemns Iranian regime’s negligence, urges caution

AODHR condemns Iranian regime’s negligence, urges caution

Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights (AODHR) is following with deep concern the exacerbating disaster of the flash floods that hit Ahwaz, given the deliberate negligence of the Iranian regime, which exerted no efforts to curb the crisis or find solutions to it.

The watchdog also denounces the practices of the Iranian regime aimed to destroy the Ahwazi environment and displace thousands of families who were impacted by recent floods and torrents.
The organization also expressed deep concern about the possibility of displacing 500,000 families after floods swept across several region, such as most of Hamidieh villages, capital city of Ahwaz’s villages, al-Maksar, al-Qunaitra, al-Khazalia of Khafagia, Elam villages, al-Sabhania of Khafagia, al-Sayed Ali village, al-Ghawabish between the cities of Hamidieh and Khafagia, villages of Tostor city and village of Eizeg city in Ahwaz.

The organization condemns the Iranian regime and deems it accountable for the villages, homes, agricultural lands submerged by waters in Ahwaz as the regime deliberately opened dams, letting water overflow to the Arab regions, which exacerbated Ahwaz’s crisis raging on since last January.
The Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights appeals to the organizations of the international community and the Red Cross to immediately intervene to find solutions to the current crisis and to save the Ahwaz people from displacement, hunger and poverty.

The organization called for holding accountable officials of the Iranian regime for deliberate and premeditate disregard for the impact of the floods and torrents.This is through convening a session by the International Criminal of Justice and the Security Council.

It yet calls on the Ahwazis to be cautious and purse safety measures amid speculation flood will hit the cities more in the coming days. .

Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights



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