Ahwaz palm trees at risk as the regime’s policies are heavily taking toll

26 Jul 2018

Ahwaz palm trees at risk as the regime's policies are heavily taking toll The crimes of the Islamic Republic of Iran against Ahwazis have no limit. Anything related to the life of these people is a subject of an attack and is at the mercy of regime’s sinister schemes. The aggressive actions are directed at people, places, animals, livelihoods, water and even the air. During the last 40 years, there was a rapid decrease in the number of palm trees in Ahwaz region, leading to the destruction of five million out of six million palm trees in the region. However, as a result of the government dest

Ahwazis’ health at stake as marshlands are running dry

25 Jul 2018

The right to clean air is a fundamental right for everyone. However, Ahwazi people are denied this right as they are exposed to the air pollution due to heavy contaminated industrial activities and burning of undesirable gas at drilling sites and oil refineries in the homeland of Ahwaz in South and South West of Iran. In addition, dust storm has contributed worsening the quality of air in the region. The dust storms are mainly caused by the government intervention in the water resources of Ahwazi rivers through changing the water courses to central parts of Iran and desiccating the Ahwazi ma

River diversions: A tool for ethnic cleansing against the Ahwazis

24 Jul 2018

At the moment, many people have become aware of the water crisis in Ahwazi land. For the new observers, it may seem like the shortage of water is a result of the drought and natural causes. However, studying the Iranian policy of building dams and changing the course of Ahwazi water from its basin to central parts of Iran illustrates the hidden ill-intention behind all these projects as the government calls them the ‘major construction projects of Iran.’ Ahwazi activists believe that the projects in question are part of the general the regime's policy aimed at triggering forced displacement


22 Jul 2018

Announcement  The Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Human Rights annonces that it will be organizing a training course on international human rights law from Friday 10 August to 16 August 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The topics of this course will be as follows: • Essential information in the field of international law • The multilateral international relations and international human rights law • Practical and applied training in monitoring, investigation, documentation and reporting. Those wishing to participate in this se

The Report of the Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights on the Activities of the Ahwazi Meeting held in Geneva on 2nd July 2018 that coincided with the UNHRC 38th session

14 Jul 2018

On 2 July 2018, the Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights (AODHR) held a meeting at the United Nations Human Rights Council on the 38th Human Rights Session at Palais des Nations - Geneva, Switzerland. The AODHR organised the meeting in the presence of some international and Arabhuman rights organisations and experts, including Dr Anouar Malek, the writer, journalist and international observer for human rights, Dr Smail Khalafallah the lawyer and the secretary-general of Global Peace Without Borders, Ms Madeline Sharpe, the president of the Health and Environmental Program(HEP),

The Speech of the Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights at the Meeting held in Geneva on 2nd July 2018 that was coincided with the UNHRC 38th Sessi

13 Jul 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, Thank you very much for your participation in this meeting in the UN Human Rights Council to listen to a brief account of the situation of Ahwazi people in Iran. Initially, the people of Al-Ahwaz were independent and free until the mid-1920s when Reza Pahlavi, the leader of the Persian army and the Prime Minster of Iran, invaded their territory and ruled out the self-determination of Arabs. Reza Khan declared himself as the king of the Persia after the annexation of various ethnic regions such as Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Baluchistan, Turkmen Sahara and Al-Ahwaz. This

World’s conscience demanded to move to rescue Maeda al-Amuri

29 Oct 2017

Rights activists and watchdogs are appealing to the universal conscience to intervene to set the 15-year old detainee Maeda al-Amuri, free. She was arrested by the Iranian authorities and led to unknown destination in mysterious circumstances. Several watchdogs including the European Ahwazi Organization for Human Rights, whose deputy chair is Taha Yassin, Ahwaz Human Rights Organization (AHRO), chaired by Nasser Kazem, the Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights, chaired by Fayez Rahim, International Observatory for Documentation and Prosecution of Iran Crimes, headed by Anwer Ma

Iranian occupation intelligence detains 15-year-old Ahwazi girl

20 Oct 2017

Sources told the Ahwaz Organization for the Defense of Human Rights revealed that the Revolutionary Guards intelligence forces on Wednesday evening, 18 October, kidnapped a 15-year old Ahwazi girl. The sources explained that the IRGC intelligence kidnappped the girl, named Maeda Amouri, a student in the first grade in the secondary stage in front of her school in "Alslij" district in the city of Abadan south of Ahwazi capital city. The sources yet revealed Maeda was summoned by intelligence personnel on Tuesday. She was detained for four hours in bid to solicit confessions under duress. Acc

Iranian regime forces torture Ahwazi prisoners

07 Oct 2017

 Activists on social media sites circulated a video over the past few days featuring horrendous torture committed by Iranian regime forces against the Ahwazi political prisoners. The gruesome crime caused anger to spread among local residents in Ahwaz, who called on concerned watchdogs to intervene to halt such atrocities perpetrated by the Iranian forces against the defenseless people of Ahwaz. Sources told media office of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz that it is most likely the harrowing act of torture had taken place at the headquarters of Karun Operations headqua

Iranian regime racism: Ahwazi students have no schools to go to

03 Oct 2017

The head of the Ahwaz Organization for the Defense of Human Rights Fayez Rahim warned of the policy of deliberate negligence and discrimination practiced by the Iranian regime against Ahwazi children, which deprives them of their inherent right to education.  He called on all international organizations, especially UNESCO, to intervene to save Ahwaz children by granting them their right to education. He also lamented the deprivation of 9,000 students of their right to education in Gheizaniyeh district east of the capital city of Ahwaz.   As he made remarks to Al-Riyadh newspaper, he said tha

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