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Will Ahwazi schools turn into COVID hotspots ?

With the start of a new school year in Ahwaz, Fears of the schools becoming a hotspot for COVID-19 Spread, and with the lack of preventive and precautionary measures, an uncontrollable disaster is deemed to happen?


These concerns cannot be underestimated as evidence point to the Iranian regime’s use of the pandemic as a biological weapon to destroy Ahwaz and eliminate its people, enabling their long-planned demographic change plans of Ahwazi lands to take effect by using the COVID pandemic.


The latest international medical reports confirm that children play a role in transmitting the virus; while the schools of Ahwaz are deteriorating as a result of the Iranian regime’s negligence as they decided to reopen schools without taking any of the needed measures to protect the spread the virus between the children, which will lead to a major disaster.


Activists in Ahwaz claim that the spread of the virus in a singular school will turn the whole lands of Ahwaz into a hotbed for the virus, as the kids will turn into biological weapons spreading the virus into their houses without the Iranian regime using any of their weapons. This is happening with the knowledge of Iranian officials that Ahwaz is considered a “Red Area”.


Activists also confirm that the health situation when it comes to hospitals and equipment’s will not be able to handle any humanitarian crisis that might be caused by the spread of COVID, which is what is gradually happening in the current, and there is no doubt that schools reopening will fasten the process.


The Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights (AODHR) Calls on the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to pay the rightful attention to what is happening inside Ahwaz and to work on ensuring that the indigenous people of Ahwaz receive their fair share of medical aid that is being sent to the Iranian regime.


The organization stresses the need for the international community and organization to move and prevent the Iranian regime’s schemes and plans aimed at destroying the Ahwazi community by exploiting the COVID pandemic as a biological weapon.


The organization furthermore calls on put the officials responsible for this criminal plan to be brought for justice in front of the International Criminal Court (ICC) on the charges of using children in a conflict and a full-fledged war.


The Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights

Will Ahwazi schools turn into COVID hotspots

Will Ahwazi schools turn into COVID hotspots?

Will Ahwazi schools turn into COVID hotspots

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