The second Tostari letter from his detention center in Denmark

The second Tostari letter from his detention center in Denmark



The Ahwazi leader Yaqoub Hor Al-Tostari wrote his second letter from his detention center in Denmark, stressing the continuation of his struggle to achieve the demands of the Ahwazi people.


Tostari said in words of pain and hope in his message: “Prisons of the whole world will not discourage our will, nor will we be deterred from carrying out our duty, and we will not compromise our principles no matter what it costs us .. There is no good for someone who relinquishes his cause and national principles for fear of Europe’s prisons .. Our demands They are the demands of our people, it belongs to them and they alone has the decision.



He added: “We are the comrades of those who were martyred, addressing their executioners, saying: We do not regret what we have done, and if we had the opportunity to return to our activities without feeling the slightest remorse, we are the comrades of those who were martyred as they walked, handcuffed, towards their gallows to accept it .. We are Ali’s comrades, slave Prince, Qasim, Malik, Abdullah and Raisan ”.



He continued: “As companions with whom we share pain and fate, such as the Azeris, the Kurds, the Baluchis, and everyone who longs for their freedom in this land.”



The Ahwazi leader concluded his message by saying: “I found in my cell the face of my freedom … it can only echo the pain of the tortured detainees in the prisons of Ahwaz and the wills of the martyrs … they are a great station in the march of our struggle from which we draw inspiration from the means of freedom and their memory gives us hope for our freedom.”


Tostari wrote in his first letter, titled “Every word has a price, there is no heaven on earth”


“I left Ahwaz, heading towards the unknown, on a journey tinged with anxiety, challenges, and fears. A past that haunts me and an ambiguous future. Dangerous pitfalls and huge challenges, I thought they were like mountains, indomitable, but I crossed them in peace,” reads the letter written by Yaqoub Hor.


He added, “Despite all the dangers and risks that I went through, my sentiment always appealed to me about my comrades in the country, appealing to me about those who were martyred, about their children and their families … a feeling of guilt that haunted me since I set foot in Europe.”


I repeat among myself every morning: Oh Yaqoub, here you are in “Heaven on Earth” as it is called.  Express your opinion absolutely freely. Your pen does not accept shortcomings, so it writes what it deems correct.  Scripting what cannot be erased.  Your voice is ringing in the middle of European capitals, raising the symbol of your homeland in your hand without the slightest fear. ”



The Ahwazi leader, who is being held in custody in Denmark on false charges, asked: “What if my comrades in Ahwaz could do that? What if they were able to express their opinion without being counted against, as I do.”


He concluded, “All this feeling dissipated for me on February 3 of this year. I knew that there is no heaven on earth. I also realized that every word has its price. He concludes I do not know if my arrest was of my good fortune or bad … But I feel, “And for the first time since I came to Europe, on an equal footing with my fellow detainees in Ahwaz.


I tell them and myself, as for every sunset and sunrise, and every beginning has an end, for every sunset has a sunrise and every end has a beginning. ”


The Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights confirms that the Ahwazi leader, Yaqoub Hor Tostari, since he set foot in Denmark in 2007, has practiced his national activities according to the peaceful and legal rules, after he fled the oppression of the Iranian regime.


The organization clarifies that despite the commitment of his activities to the laws and charters, whether international or the country of asylum, he was not spared from the Iranian regime’s conspiracies that put him in prison again, without committing any offense or felony.


Accordingly, the Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights calls for the urgent and unconditional release of Yaqoub Hor Tostari, as the court has not yet proven any evidence confirming that he has committed the charges against him.


The organization also condemns the continued prevention of “Tostari” from speaking to the media and defending himself in front of public opinion, which prompted him to enter a general hunger strike that entered its eighth day. Although the defense team submitted a formal request to the court to allow him to speak to the media, he faced by refusal.


It calls on the international community and human rights organizations operating in Europe to show solidarity with the demands of Yaqoub Hor Tostari, to activate his case in the human rights and international corridors, and to address the concerned authorities so that he attains his freedom.


It also appeals to the human rights organizations to pressure the concerned authorities to allow Yaqoub Hor to exercise his right to defend himself and to speak to the various media outlets.


The Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights

The second Tostari letter from his detention center in Denmark

The second "Tostari" letter from his detention center in Denmark

The second Tostari letter from his detention center in Denmark


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