In what can be called a comic trial .. Iranian Supreme Court upholds the death sentence against Mr Jassem Haidari

After he was subjected to a series of unfair trials, the Iranian Supreme Court in Tehran upheld the death sentence issued against Mr Jassem Haidari, after it charged him with trumped-up charges and extracted confessions with force.
The Iranian regime forces, with the participation of Iranian intelligence, arrested Jassem Haidari in December 2017. The Second Division of the Iranian Revolutionary Court charged him with incitement, disturbing Iran’s national security and communicating with opposition groups, charges that lead to death according to Articles 287 and 288 of the Iranian Penal Code.


According to human rights sources inside Ahwaz, the security services put Haidari in the notorious Evin prison, where he was subjected to brutal torture. His steadfastness and refusal to admit to their trumped-up charges led the Iranian intelligence service to arrest his 50-year-old sick mother, Marzia Haidari, to extract confessions from him under psychological pressure, and she was placed in Spidar prison. She was recently released on bail.


The sources indicated that the Iranian regime authorities transferred Jassem Haidari after a period of his detention in Evin Prison to Shaiban, Ahwaz Central Prison, which witnessed bloody events after the detainees protested against providing a safe place for them after the outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) inside the prison, and were dispersed by the prison authorities who used force and live bullets against the detainees, which sparked a wave of anger after the deaths and injuries.


The Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights denounces the unfair judgments issued by the Iranian judicial authorities based on the directives and orders of the Iranian regime, without conducting fair trials or even allowing the detainee to appoint a lawyer to defend him.


The organization believes that the Iranian regime has lost its senses or what is left of it, for issuing unfair judgments that know with certainty that their owners have not committed any crime and that such human rights violations can only be done by the most tyrannical regimes in the world.


The organization calls on all human rights organizations and the international community to intervene immediately and urgently and to make every effort to eliminate this injustice, and to release the detainees and return them to their families and families.


The Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights


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