Ahwaz farmers suffer heavy losses with the collapse of prices in the markets due to Corona

Prices of agricultural crops fell sharply in the Ahwaz market, in conjunction with shrinking demand and declining export rates to Iraq and other countries as a result of the Corona pandemic.

Ahwaz farmers incurred heavy losses due to the weakness of the movement of buying and selling in the local markets, with the absence and neglect of the Iranian regime in developing an emergency plan to save the agricultural sector in Ahwaz in light of the accelerated spread of the Corona virus.

According to the Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights, farmers complained about the high prices of agricultural supplies, including seeds, fertilizers, labor, and the price of agricultural machinery and diesel, in addition to the cost of transportation, sales commission, and the small quantities exported abroad from agricultural crops.

According to preliminary estimates, the losses range from 80 to 120 million tomans per hectare, which indicates the extent of the damage done to Ahwaz farmers, with the Iranian regime refraining from providing any compensation.

Farmers emphasized – according to what they told the organization – that the cultivation of cucumbers and tomatoes was badly affected by external speculation, high production costs and low sales prices, while these crops were not protected, supported, and developed by the Iranian regime.

The Corona epidemic was not the first pandemic to strike on Ahwaz farmers. In 2019, Ahwaz lands were subject to artificial floods after the Iranian regime suddenly opened the dams, which led to the destruction of 250 thousand hectares of agricultural land and more than 3 thousand hectares of orchards in Ahwaz. The enormity of the pandemic of contrived torrents and their consequences. The victims of the torrents and farmers of Ahwazi did not receive any compensation for their losses, which the Iranian regime promised.

Despite the foregoing, a large number of farmers in Ahwaz struggle to preserve agriculture and the inherited pattern in order to secure their interests, daily needs, and livelihoods for their families.

The Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights calls on the Iranian regime to respond to the demands of farmers, compensate the affected, and protect agricultural lands until they return to life, given that agriculture is the first craft of the Ahwaz people.

The Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights


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