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In light of the regime’s failure .. Popular Ahwazi initiatives to sterilize the streets and homes against “Corona”

The Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights monitored the launch of popular initiatives and national campaigns to sterilize and purify the streets of Ahwaz in an attempt to limit the spread of the new Coronavirus.

The campaigns consisted of cleaning the streets, filling potholes and marshes as they are a suitable environment for the multiplication of epidemics and endemic diseases, and sterilizing them as much as possible, in addition to publishing proper health instructions and directives to prevent infection with the Coronavirus.

According to the organization, the campaign participants emphasized that the deliberate neglect of infrastructure and public facilities in Ahwaz for decades makes the task seem difficult because of the material capabilities, equipment and technical expertise required, but what has been accomplished so far with the simple capabilities available is an encouraging factor to continue to Implement the initiative.

The campaign witnessed a large turnout of citizens’ participation in the disinfecting and cleaning work, which focused on filling stagnant swamps in neighborhoods and sterilizing streets, markets and utilities.

This popular initiative comes as a practical step to confront the imminent danger from the rapid spread of the Corona epidemic, in exchange for the neglect and indifference shown by the Iranian regime towards this imminent danger.

While unofficial statistics confirm that the number of infections and deaths is greater than what the state announced, the regime insists on rejecting quarantine except in a limited scope and for advanced cases that cannot be cured so that the role of the concerned authorities is limited to certifying the death of such cases only.

Senior officials of the state, headed by Hassan Rouhani, have consistently stated that “the virus is orchestrated by America, so the people should not meet this (hostility) with fear and panic; rather, they must survive and coexist with the de facto peace in order to nullify the scheme (enemies of the Iranian nation)”. They became a subject of scarcity that the citizens mocked.

The Ahwaz Organization for the Defense of Human Rights affirms that the Ahwazi grassroots initiatives are driven by a sense of danger in the absence of the Iranian regime or a responsible party that possesses a strategic vision in facing this imminent danger, which is (the initiative) despite its simple capabilities, but it is an important step to express the will of life, which is The same will kept the people steadfast in the face of an occupier whose existence has been targeted for a century.

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