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The Ahwaz .. Clashes between the people of Ghezaniyeh and the forces of the Iranian regime, due to water interruption

The thirst crisis continued in a number of towns in the Ahwaz region, where the people of these areas live a daily tragedy to deprive them of drinking water, amid real suffering in searching for water and storing them in homes to meet their needs.


The anger of the people of Ghezaniyeh increased due to the scarcity of drinking water, which pushed them to cut off the main road to protest the continuous water interruption, and the Iranian regime ignored their demands.


The Iranian regime pushed its security services to break up the protest by force, as the repressive forces beat up the people using gunshots and batons, wounding many citizens, including a child, and arresting others.


For his part, the police chief of the Ahwaz, blamed the Iranian regime for the lack of water in the Ghezaniyeh region, saying: “The officials of the Water and Sanitation Administration have been aware of the demands of the people for years, but they did not move a resident (have not done a thing) in front of that crisis.”


He stressed that members of Parliament, the governor’s office and other regional officials are aware of the water problem in this region.


Ghezaniyeh is located on the ancient road of the city of Ma’shur (Mahshahr), 45 km from the city of Ahwaz, the capital, and includes about 80 villages and more than 300 oil wells, and yet the region lacks the most basic elements of life, especially drinking water.


Moreover, the Iranian regime established the Karon Oil Company in the Ghezaniyeh region, east of Ahwaz, which produces about two million barrels of oil per day, and the total number of oil drilling rigs reaches 10 active rigs.


The Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights condemns the criminal acts committed by the Iranian regime against the Ahwazi people, the theft of its capabilities and the denial of the most basic elements of life.


It affirms that the high frequency of Iranian attacks comes as a result of the absence of international reactions, and the loss of the countries the boldness and courage sufficient enough to criticize the daily crimes committed by the Iranian regime against the Ahwazi people.


The organization calls on the international community and the United Nations, with all its organs, to assume their responsibilities by providing international protection for the Ahwazi people, to pressure the Iranian regime to stop its aggression against unarmed civilians, work to enforce international law, and enable the Ahwazi people to recover their inalienable rights.



The Ahwaz Organization for the defence of Human Rights


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