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Death of a 4-year-old child in a sewage canal in Mohammarah

Ali Jassimi Sarhani, a 4-year-old Arab child residing in Sarhaniyeh in the city of Mohammarah, tragically lost his life yesterday, on the 3rd of Mordad 1401, after falling and drowning in an open sewage canal in a residential area.
According to local sources, the child’s family, upon his drowning in the canal, which lacked any protection or fencing, reached out to the fire department, police, and emergency services for help in rescuing the child. However, due to the absence of any relevant organizations and authorities, 4-year-old Ali lost his life.
Following the disappointment in the response from the authorities, the family and residents of the area took matters into their own hands in an attempt to save the drowned child. Unfortunately, their efforts proved futile, and they were only able to retrieve his lifeless body from the flowing sewage canal next to their homes.
This incident marks the fourth of its kind in Sarhaniyeh Mohammarah in recent years, where children have lost their lives due to falling into these sewage canals. Despite the residents’ continued efforts and protests, no actions have been taken by the relevant authorities to ensure safety.

It is worth noting that as a result of systematic discrimination against the Arab people of Ahwaz and deliberate neglect of Arab cities and areas, open canals and semi-functional sewage channels have claimed the lives of dozens of Arab children in the region.

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