Iranian regime racism: Ahwazi students have no schools to go to

The head of the Ahwaz Organization for the Defense of Human Rights Fayez Rahim warned of the policy of deliberate negligence and discrimination practiced by the Iranian regime against Ahwazi children, which deprives them of their inherent right to education.

He called on all international organizations, especially UNESCO, to intervene to save Ahwaz children by granting them their right to education. He also lamented the deprivation of 9,000 students of their right to education in Gheizaniyeh district east of the capital city of Ahwaz.

As he made remarks to Al-Riyadh newspaper, he said that 50 percent of Gheizaniyeh schools are still closed due to the lack of teachers and staffers. And the rest of these schools are dilapidated, which jeopardizes the lives of students. According to Rahim, local residents got in touch with Iran regime’s educational officials in the district, who told them that only two teachers will be sent to the 38,000-strong district.  Also, the head of the watchdog said that  Muhammarah city suffers a shortage in trained personnel as the entire city has no more than 500 teachers.


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