The revocation of releasing the Ahwazi activist Abdul Imam Zayeri

The Iranian intelligence authorities revoked the release of the Ahwazi activist Abdul Imam Zayeri, who was arrested in 2005 and transferred to the Sheiban prison in Ahwaz.

Human rights sources declared that he was falsely accused of terrorism and subsequently was transferred to the   prison. They added that Zayeri’s sentence was reduced from execution to life imprisonment. However, due to his deteriorating health condition, the prison management approved his release but the decision was revoked by the intelligence authorities.

Furthermore, the detainee’s family highlighted that he is suffering from prostate cancer, noting that prisoners who suffer from serious diseases are unable to receive the necessary treatment. And thus, their health condition gradually deteriorates under extremely terrible conditions.

Hence, Ahwazi human rights organizations call the international community and all humanitarian organisations to take immediate actions and save life of the human rights activist Abdul Imam Zayeri.


Lena Al Kaabi


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