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Iranian authorities continue its abuse .. Arrest of the young Hussein Cheldavy in Ahwaz, the capital

Security and intelligence services of the Iranian regime continued its abuse in Ahwaz, where they launched a campaign of random arrests recently targeting Al-Thawra neighborhood.

The Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights stated that the latest campaign resulted in the arrest of 16-year-old Hussein Cheldavy in Al-Thawra neighborhood and took him to an unknown destination.

Sources close to the family of the detainee confirmed to the organization that the Iranian regime forces raided the house of “Cheldavy” – a student in the Maulvi Class 10 school in the Al-Thawra neighborhood – who practiced boxing, without charging any previous charges or obtaining prior permission from the relevant authorities.

This crackdown comes in conjunction with the Ahwaz people commemorating the Nakba, which falls on the twentieth of April of each year, and which affected many activists and intellectuals in all of Ahwaz cities.

According to the information obtained by the organization, “Cheldavy” did not have any political and cultural activity while he was participating in the poetry celebrations taking place in Ahwaz.

For its part, the Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights condemns the campaign of arbitrary arrests, which particularly affects minors in Ahwaz, and constitutes a grave violation and a clear challenge to international and human rights laws.

International organizations, the international community, and related institutions are calling on the Iranian regime to immediately release Ahwaz detainee Hussein Cheldavy and stop the crimes targeting minor children.

The Ahwazi Organization affirms that the Iranian regime has not committed to implementing the rights of detainees and prisoners set forth in international law.


The Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights

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