Iranian regime authorities release media activist Ahwaz on financial guarantee

Iranian regime authorities release media activist Ahwaz on financial guarantee

The authorities of the Iranian regime released media activist Karim Brwayyah, known as Abu Sharhan Sarkhi, who is 38 years old, married with three children on a financial guarantee (bond) of five billion Iranian tomans.


Mr. Karim Brwayyeh, known for his media, cultural and social activities, and others like him are often targets of the Iranian security services, for their influential role in the Ahwazi street’s rejection of the injustices practiced by the Iranian occupier to restrict the life of Ahwazis according to his vision, which he believes guarantees him to stay and continue despite the will of the Ahwaz people. Mr. Brwayyah was subjected to multiple arrests by the Iranian intelligence service, and he was subjected each time to forms of physical and psychological torture to discourage him from practicing his national activities.


In 2017, during the events of the Jalisi area of Ahwaz, whose people rose against the occupation authorities when the Iranian regime forces came to implement the decision to confiscate hundreds of thousands of hectares of their agricultural lands. Intelligence agents raided Mr. Brwayyah workplace and took him to interrogation on the suspicion that he had a role in the Jalaisi people’s uprising against them (file number of Jalisi uprising against them 9609986300401168), and obstructing the implementation of the authorities’ decision. It is reported that the events in Jalizi resulted in the arrest of large numbers of people in the area, including 200 women, according to local sources. He was also imprisoned in 2018 for similar reasons and was released after 20 days of interrogation drawn with the colors of cruel torture. His latest imprisonment was for his activities in the relief of the afflicted when the fabricated floods invaded the cities and villages of Ahwaz (file number Hilal Establishment and assisted for the afflicted 980175). The water flooded the green and dry areas in Ahwaz due to the opening of the dam ports that are holding water behind it to double the rainwater level to turn into sweeping floods to damage Ahwaz land and people.


The occupation authorities mentioned in the list of accusations directed against Mr. Karim: electronic propaganda against the Iranian regime, being in groups of Ahwazis with the intent to disturb national security, the movement against national security, and belonging to Ahwazi organizations abroad.


The Ahwaz Organization calls on the Iranian authorities to release all prisoners of conscience who are victims of laws that restrict freedoms and violate international agreements signed and ratified by Iran, and by that ratification, any laws that are inconsistent with those agreements are null and void.


Ahwaz Organization for the Defense of Human Rights


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