Flourishing Like A Palm Tree

Women’s International Day…
She is strong like a palm tree and her deep roots are not reached by the frost. She keeps her head high to the sky, yet she is grounded and strong like a sun. She stands tall and soak up the sunshine and persistently colors the world with her beautiful shades of lights.

Yes she is an Ahwazi women, a symbol of love, wisdom and dignity…


Throughout the history our women in Ahwaz have faced tremendous difficulties, which have made them true symbols of struggle, dignity, and pride. Their prominent roles in various areas such as culture, human rights, politics, environment, economics, and etc., have been honorable.

Alia Bint Salman Al Kaabi

War Heroine

Abu Touq Battle, Fallahiyah 18th Century AD


Alia Salman Al Kaabi is a prominent  Ahwazi role model, who is known for her remarkable role in the war of Abu Touq in Fallahiyah during the 18th century AD. She had been an empowered woman, who could strongly defend her people and honorably be a symbol for women empowerment.

But, unfortunately today the pains of Ahwazi women are countless, since they are marginalized by the regime of Iran. And  thus are unable to take any role in their community, or to express themselves freely without fear of torture and execution.


The Iranian regime’s crimes against the Ahwazi women are countless, as they   arrest, torture, imprison, insult, and execute innocent and peaceful Ahwazi women on a daily basis.

Fahima Al  Badawi

Ahwazi Activist

Fahima Al Badawi, a prominent Ahwazi activist, who was arrested in 2006 while pregnant and jailed for 12 years. She was forced to give birth to her daughter Salma in a cell inside one of the Iranian notorious prisons.

Maryam Al Ameri

Ahwazi Activist

Maryam Al Ameri was arrested on December 9th, 2020, as a result of her socio-cultural activities, which were aimed at promoting the Ahwazi Arab identity.

Fatima Al Tamimi

Ahwazi Cultural Activist, Photographer, and  Writer


Fatima Al Tamimi, an Ahwazi activist, who was arrested on December 9th, 2020, due to her cultural activities. Her activities were based on raising Ahwazi national awareness, and promoting the Arab identity.


However, they are just a few of Ahwazi women role models, who persistently face all the intolerable pressures. And bravely challenging the Iranian regime, while honorably playing significant roles in defending the rights of their people.


And interestingly despite their countless pains they still flourish like the Ahwazi Palm Trees, and strongly laugh at all of the storms and hardships.

Yes she is an Ahwazi Woman…. Flourishing Like a Palm Tree

Happy Women’s International Day



Lena Al Kaabi


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