Iranian regime forces torture Ahwazi prisoners


07 Oct 2017

 Activists on social media sites circulated a video over the past few days featuring horrendous torture committed by Iranian regime forces against the Ahwazi political prisoners.

The gruesome crime caused anger to spread among local residents in Ahwaz, who called on concerned watchdogs to intervene to halt such atrocities perpetrated by the Iranian forces against the defenseless people of Ahwaz.

Sources told media office of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz that it is most likely the harrowing act of torture had taken place at the headquarters of Karun Operations headquarters in eastern Ahwaz.

In the video, an Iranian security officer appears to be beating prisoners in different parties of their bodies.

Insiders say such flagrant abuses compromise the lives of prisoners.

Yet, another security officer was heard in the video ordering the Ahwazi prisoners to bark like dogs.

These inhumane methods are aimed to humiliate the Ahwazi prisoners. The Iranian officers mimic the atrocious manners of sectarian militias in Iraq, commentators said.

They also noted that Persian settler Brigadier Haider Abbas Zadah commanded the security forces in northern Ahwaz as of August. He is known for his hatred towards Arabs.

In the capital city of Ahwaz, the Mullahs’ security forces are headed by Brigadier Mohammed Safari. The forces under his command wage fierce campaigns against Ahwazi activists. The locals in the areas where the forces he commands are stationed are deprived of safety since the foremost of these forces is to repress Ahwazis.The Iranian security apparatuses are committing unspeakable crimes against the Ahwazi people, including forced disappearance, harsh prison sentences, and executions lacking fair trials amid the deadly silence of international watchdogs.

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