World’s conscience demanded to move to rescue Maeda al-Amuri

Rights activists and watchdogs are appealing to the universal conscience to intervene to set the 15-year old detainee Maeda al-Amuri, free.

She was arrested by the Iranian authorities and led to unknown destination in mysterious circumstances.

Several watchdogs including the European Ahwazi Organization for Human Rights, whose deputy chair is Taha Yassin, Ahwaz Human Rights Organization (AHRO), chaired by Nasser Kazem, the Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights, chaired by Fayez Rahim, International Observatory for Documentation and Prosecution of Iran Crimes, headed by Anwer Malek, Mohammed Gamea, and many other activists signed a petition titled:”Release Maeda al-Amouri.

The human rights organizations expressed deep concerns about the fate of Maeda in light of the lack of information on the conditions of her detention, and the impartiality of the investigations she is subject to, given the Iranian occupation disregards such criteria when it deals with the Ahwazi people.

The organizations called for the international community to intervene, for the basic human conditions to be available for Maeda, as well as setting up a committee probing into her whereabouts.

They also asserted that Maeda should be treated as a minor, not a political prisoner, providing her with the proper conditions of living while in detention.

The watchdogs also stressed that concerned regional and international organizations including UNESCO, should step I to preserve Maeda’s right as a minor, calling on international media outlets to raise the issue until the poor detainee gets freed.

“Time is ripe for internationalizing human rights abuses perpetrated by the Iranian occupation continuously in Ahwaz, which goes against the provisions of the UN charter and the international treaties and conventions in this regard,” the watchdogs further stated.

The watchdogs base the accusations leveled at the Iranian occupation regarding the gruesome human rights abuses on the provisions of UN’s Universal Declaration on Human Rights, which could open the door for the concerned international watchdogs to launch a fair and transparent probe into the occupation’s crimes in Ahwaz.

Sources told the Ahwaz Organization for the Defense of Human Rights revealed that the Revolutionary Guards intelligence forces on Wednesday evening, 18 October, kidnapped the 15-year old Ahwazi girl Maeda al-Amuri.

The minor detainee was arrested in front of her secondary school, the sources added, noting the Iranian regime authorities have framed her up with multiple false charges.

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