memory of redemption and sacrifice for the sake of the country

The covenant is going on.

“The martyrs of al-Adha” is a memory of redemption and sacrifice for the sake of the country
Eid Al-Adha is a joy that brings joy to the “martyrs of Al-Adha” who sacrificed for the homeland and presented the most valuable possessions they have for the Ahwazi cause. They are the hero Abdullah Karmollah Chab, the hero Ghassem Abdullah, the hero Ali Chebieshat (Ali Habib Al-Kaabi), and the hero Sayed Khaled Mousawi.



In 2014, the Supreme Judicial Council of the Iranian regime supported the death sentence against the two Ahwazis, Ali Habib Al-Kaabi and Sayed Khaled Mousawi, from the city of Souss, and implemented the ruling during Eid Al-Adha, and we’re buried secretly in Ramiz.



The two Ahwazis were arrested in 2012 for their alleged involvement in the operation of the oil pipeline explosion.  A few months before the execution, Iranian television broadcast videotaped confessions of Ali Habib Al-Kaabi and Sayed Khaled Mousawi;  But they denied the confessions in court, and confirmed that they were extracted from them under brutal torture and that their activities do not exceed cultural activities in order to preserve their Arab identity, and they do not believe in violence at all.



However, the court did not take their statements, nor did it pay attention to the brutal torture practiced by the authorities of the Iranian regime, which amounted to breaking the ribs of the Sayed Khaled Mousawi.



Five years later, the tragedy repeated, and the Iranian authorities carried out the death sentence against the two Ahwazi Abdullah Karmollah Chab and Ghassem Abdullah, in Dezful prison, during Eid al-Adha in 2019.

The verdict was carried out after a mock trial that lacked the lowest merits, as confessions extracted under torture were extracted from them after they were charged with participating in an armed attack targeting a Shiite religious ceremony in Safiabad, Ahwaz on October 16, 2015.



However, the prosecution did not provide any evidence indicating their association with the attack, as it found clear and apparent conflict in the fabricated confessions extracted to them under torture by electric shock, in addition to a defect in the statements made by the eyewitnesses who were at the scene of the armed attack.



The investigation authorities affiliated with the regime used – at the time – the most severe methods of physical and moral torture against the Abdullah Karmollah Chab, on top of which was a “fake execution”, where the martyr was suspended for 11 days, and every day they inform him of the death decision and that they will bury his body in a grave without a witness carrying its name.



For successive days, they woke him every morning, put a bag over his head, wrapped the noose around his neck, and pledged to him to halt the death sentence if he admitted to participating in the armed attack;  But he refused each time, insisting that he be innocent until the death sentence was carried out.



Despite the pain that this anniversary bears, it always pushes the Ahwazi people to move forward in order to recover their stolen rights and lands, and it is also an incentive to unite efforts to confront the Iranian regime and its unjust powers.



The memory of the “martyrs of al-Adha” is a memory of the renewal of the covenant and the pledge of allegiance to the path of sacrifice and the path of struggle in defense of the Ahwazi rights, and even the realization of all legitimate rights and the fulfillment of the dream of the heroic martyrs in liberation.



And we do not forget on that anniversary that we extend the greatest greeting to the mothers of the martyrs, the makers of men and the cradle of heroes who gave the most wonderful examples of patience and perseverance to the lost their children for the sake of the dear homeland.



Finally, we send a message to the Ahwazi people at home and abroad that the stage slogan “On the Covenant, we move” in order to confront the plot to liquidate the Ahwazi issue and achieve the desired goal of liberation.



The Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights
“The martyrs of al-Adha” is a memory of redemption and sacrifice for the sake of the country

The covenant is going on.
“The martyrs of al-Adha” is a memory of redemption and sacrifice for the sake of the country

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