Warnings of a humanitarian catastrophe because of the Iranian regime’s secrecy about the Corona casualties in the Ahwaz


22 May 2020

Warnings of a humanitarian catastrophe because of the Iranian regime’s secrecy about the Corona casualties in the Ahwaz


Ahwaz city and its surrounding villages recorded the highest daily death toll from the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) this week, compared to the Persian cities, according to the military ruler Ghulam Reza Shariati announcement.


“Shariati” confirmed in statements he made a few days ago that the situation in Ahwaz entered the “red line”, which means very dangerous because of the outbreak of the Coronavirus.


The Voice of Karkha (Sada Karkha), a pro regime magazine, publishes the high and fast increasing number of casualties on daily basis through its official website.


Local sources said that the villages of the city of Sous recorded an increase in the frequency of increased cases of Coronavirus during the past week, in light of the neglect of the Iranian regime, and the absence of health and medical care.


On a related matter, the people of Khuwais village confirmed the outbreak of the Corona epidemic in an unprecedented way, and within one week the village recorded the 17 cases, in conjunction with the complete absence health care system offered by the Iranian regime.


Also, the village of Algeria (Beit Rahmia) witnessed the emergence of 3 new confirmed tested cases, and one death as a result of the Iranian regime’s neglect of the medical and health status was recorded.


The people attributed the outbreak of the Corona epidemic to the failure of the Iranian regime to follow the World Health Organization guidelines and the failure of the concerned authorities to monitor and investigate measures, take the necessary preventive actions and allocate places for quarantine, stressing that the affected villages have become a real threat to the neighboring regions.


The organization warned that the conditions in Ahwaz could get out of control due to the Iranian regime’s inability to contain the epidemic, stressing that the Ahwazi people are paying the bill for the Iranian regime’s racial discrimination policy and the weak medical capabilities.


The organization accused the Iranian regime of failing to contain the Corona crisis and ignoring taking preventive measures from purchasing the necessary medical supplies and setting up field hospitals to isolating and treating patients; In fact, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani made a decision to reopen schools next week, which means that the Ahwaz is on the verge of a humanitarian disaster.


Accordingly, the Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights calls on the World Health Organization to intervene quickly to save the lives of civilians in Ahwaz who were affected by the policy of racial discrimination by the Iranian regime.


It also appeals to human rights and humanitarian organizations, through their multiple relations, to pressure the Iranian regime to pass humanitarian and relief aid from foreign countries to save citizens from the Coronavirus pandemic.


The Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights

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