Urgent Action


23 Jan 2016

Urgent Action

The Arabian Gulf and Yemen& Ahwaz association for Human Rights

Kurdistan: the massive number of Kurdish protesters have been arrested

Kamil Alboshoha

(London)- The Iranian security forces have arrested the large number of the Kurdish protesters in the city of Mahabad in West Azerbaijan province, on 7th May 2015. Amnesty International on the 8th May 2015 also confirmed that at least 25 Kurdish protesters were injured by the security guard alongside seven police officers.


On the 7th May 2015,  the large number of Kurdish people were gathered outside Tara Hotel in Mahabad to the memory of the Kurdish female, Farinaz Khosravani, 26 year-old, who fell to her death from the hotel few days earlier. Kurdpa, a  Kurdish News Agency also stated that the Iranian security guard attacked the protesters who were gathered outside the hotel after the death vague of Mss. Khosravani. The News Agency also stated that at least 20 Kurdish have been arrested by the Iranian security guard.

The Arabian Gulf and Yemen& Ahwaz association for Human Rights strongly condemned the Iranian authorities’ ill-treatment against Kurdish people, and also condemn the Iranian intelligence and security forces treatment against the Kurdish protesters. The Arabian Gulf and Yemen& Ahwaz association for Human Rights has also urged the International Human Rights Organisations and Mr. Ahmad Shaheed to put Iran under pressure to stop its treatment against Kurdish people, release all people who were arrested by the security guard, and investigate the death of Farinaz Khosravani, a Kurdish female, who were died few days ago.



Kurdish people in Iran live in some parts of West Azerbaijan province, Kurdistan province, Kermanshah, and south Illam province. Both Iranian regimes, the Pahlavi era and the Islamic republic era, used different ways to suppress Kurdish voices.

The double discrimination against Kurdish caused Kurdish people in Iran to protest against the Iranian authorities several times, such as the protest in the beginning of the revolution in 1979, the protest in 1990s and 2000s.


The Arabian Gulf and Yemen& Ahwaz association for Human Rights:

–  The Ahwazi Organisation for the Defence of Human Rights

–  Kuwaiti Observatory for Human Rights

– Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society

– Karama  Human Rights Society/ Bahrain

– Gulf- European Centre for Human Rights

– Yemeni Coalition for Human Rights

– The Universal Message for Human Rights

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