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23 Jan 2016

Urgent Action


The Arabian Gulf and Yemen& Ahwaz association for Human Rights

Ahwaz: the Ahwazi poet alongside the large number of activists have been arrested

Kamil Alboshoka

(London)- The Iranian intelligence and the security forces have detained the large number of the Ahwazi political and cultural activists. The reliable sources from Ahwaz informed to the Ahwazi Organisation for the Defence of Human Rights that the Iranian security forces attacked the households family during night in which caused many activists to be arrested by the security forces, including children and the Ahwazi Arab poet.

On the 8th April 2015 afternoon time,  the Iranian intelligence services have arrested the poet Mr. Ahmad Subhan Hazbawi 28 year of age on the front of his shop in Ahwaz the capital city. The sources said that the intelligence services have sent Mr. Hazbawi to unknown place because of his poem to support the Coalition of Arab countries in Yemen. It seems that the authorities have not given his family any information about his whereabouts since 8th April. The sources also said that at least 100 Ahwazi Arab have been arrested by the Iranian intelligence services.

According to Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch on 29the April, the Iranian security services have also arrested Mr. Mustafa Haidari, a 17 year of age from Hay Althora (Koy Alawi) in North-West of Ahwaz the capital city on 7th April 2015 on the charge of attending the protest in Ahwaz against the regime.

The sources inside Ahwaz and the Ahwazi Human Rights activists have also mentioned that  the Iranian security and revolutionary guard declared  a state of emergency in Al-Ahwaz due to the 10th anniversary of the Ahwazi mass anti-regime demonstration that gripped the Ahwazi Arab on 15th April 2005, and the 90th anniversary of the occupation of Al-Ahwaz by Iran in 1925.

The Arabian Gulf and Yemen& Ahwaz association for Human Rights strongly condemned the Iranian authorities’ ill-treatment against Ahwazi Arab, and also condemn the Iranian intelligence and security forces treatment against the Ahwazi activists. The Arabian Gulf and Yemen& Ahwaz association for Human Rights has also urged the International Human Rights Organisations and Mr. Ahmad Shaheed to put Iran under pressure to stop its treatment against Ahwazi Arab and release all political and cultural activists.


Ahwaz is an Arab land that is located in the southwest and south of Iran. The name of Al-Ahwaz has changed to Khuzestan, Bushier and Hurmozgan in 1936 after Iran occupied the country in 1925. Both Iranian regimes, the Pahlavi era and the Islamic republic era, used different ways to suppress Ahwazi voices.

In recent years, the Iranian authorities have demolished several villages and confiscated the agricultural lands in rural areas, which have increased the number of homelessness and poverty in Ahwaz. over 10 to 15% of Ahwazi households live in relative homelessness, but in recent years, this number has increased. Over 40 to 50% of Ahwazi also live under poverty line due to unemployment in the country.

The Iranian authorities want to change the demographic of Ahwaz through bringing non-Arab to Al-Ahwaz. This policy caused Ahwazi to protest against the regime in 2005 in which the large number of Arabs were killed or were executed by the Iranian authorities. Therefore, every year, Ahwazi Arab celebrate the anniversary of Ahwazi demonstration and the anniversary of Ahwazi occupation. However, this year due to the coalition of Arabs in Yemen, the pressure against Ahwazi activists have doubled increased. The massive number of activists, mainly the political and cultural activists have supported the coalition of Arab states in Yemen, in which made the Iranian authorities to arrest and attack the activists, such as the poet Ahmad Subhan Hazbawi.

The Arrest of Hazbawi has made over 160 Arab poets from the Arab World to condemn the Iranian authorities policies against him. And through their campaign, they urged the International Human Rights Organisations and the International Community to intervene in Ahwaz and force Iran to release him.


The Arabian Gulf and Yemen& Ahwaz association for Human Rights:

–  The Ahwazi Organisation for the Defence of Human Rights

–  Kuwaiti Observatory for Human Rights

– Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society

– Karama  Human Rights Society/ Bahrain

– Gulf- European Centre for Human Rights

– Yemeni Coalition for Human Rights

– The Universal Message for Human Rights

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