Urgent Action


14 Oct 2016

Urgent Action


To United Nations Human Rights Council

To all Human Rights Organisations

According to reliable sources from Al-Ahwaz, a considerable number of Ahwazi activists have been arrested by the Iranian security forces and the Revolutionary Guards in the past few days.

The name of political and cultural activists who were arrested by the Iranian authorities:

The city of Shiban:

  1. Mr Majed Anafcha
  2. Mr Hussien Mayahi
  3. Mr Jameel Zobidi
  4. Mr Reza Shahitat

The city of Al-Mohammarah:

  1. Mr Ali Toema Al.Tamimi
  2. Mr Shaker Al.Tamimi
  3. Mr Saied Al.Tamimi
  4. Mr Ahmad Fakher Maniat

The city of Al-Ahwaz:

  1. Mr Abdul-Malek Haidari, 38 years of age
  2. Mr Mohamad Al-Haidari, 26 years of age
  3. Mr Emad Haidari, 25 years of age
  4. Mr Amer Salem Silawi

The city of Al-Falahia:

  1. Mr Aref Al-Nasseri (Abo Nayef) an Arab poet man

The city of Susa:

  1. Mr Hassan Ben Jalil Bani Tamim was arrested in September 2016 in the area of Ahmad in Susa
  2. Mr Hussien Ben Mohsen Barisam was arrested on 8/10/2016 in the area of Ahmad in Susa.
  3. Mr Hussien Dabat was arrested on 6/10/2016 in the area of Ahmad in Susa.
  4. Mr Meytham Farajalah Kaab 25 years of age (the file number at the court: 9510436161000330), was arrested in September 2016 in the charge of having connection with political groups and dangrous for national security. Therefore, he was sentenced to one years inprisonment.

The city of Noaimiyah (Nakhl Taghi)

  1. Noureddine Sobbat 23 years
  2. Mohammed Sobbat 27 years
  3. Khaled Jabber 18 years

The reliable sources added that the Iranian security forces were also confiscated the activist belongs such as computers, books, documentation of property and mobile phones.

The Ahwazi Organisation for the Defence of Human Rights is concerned of the charge against those activists because the Iranian authorities have previously sentenced and also executed a considerable number of Ahwazi cultural and political activists in the charge of enmity of gad, corruption on the earth, dangerous for national security and having connection with political parties outside Iran.

The Ahwazi Organisation for the Defence of Human Rights demand the international organisation and United Nations bodies to put Iran under pressure to release the Ahwazi Arab activists.


Ahwaz is an Arab land that located in the South- West and South Iran. The name of Al-Ahwaz has changed to Khuzestan, Bushehr and Hormozgan in 1935 after invading the land in 1925. The Iranian both regimes such as Pahlavi era and Islamic republic era used different ways to suppress Ahwazi voices.

A considerable number of Ahwazi have been arrested by the Iranian authorities due to their activities or having link with groups. Therefore, many of the activists were died under torture, and many were sent to the death penalty or long life imprisonment.

The strategy of the Iranian authorities toward Ahwazi Arab people has an impact on Ahwazi Arabs. For instance, the demographic of Al-Ahwaz has changed due to bringing settlers to Al-Ahwaz; the vast majority of Ahwazi are unemployed, poor and homelessness.

The Iranian authorities also deprived Ahwazi of reaching their right to life, although Article 6 of the ICCPR states that “every human being has the irrefutable right to life. This right shall be protected by law. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life”.

Article 6 of ICCPR states that ‘’the Authorities should not taking confess under torture and should not torture the prisoners while they are in prisons’’.

The Economic and Social Council encouraged all member states to offer a fair trial and the standard courts adopted at the United Nations bodies, including the Basic Principles on the Independence of the Judiciary issued in 1985, and guidelines on the role of prosecutors that issued in 1990, and in accordance with the recommendations of the Human Rights Committee in 2005, in which offered the detainees:

  • It gives the detainee all fundamental legal safeguards since the beginning of his detention
  • The right to immediate access to a lawyer
  • Independent medical examination
  • Informing the family
  • Be aware of their rights at the time of detention
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