05 Aug 2016


A new paradigm of discrimination a further marginalisation

On 6th July 2016 on the first day of Eid Al-Fetr, the Ahwazi Arabs from Al-Noemeye (Nakhal-Taghi) city in south Al-Ahwaz in Asaluya region have protested against the Iranian policies in the region. The Iranian new paradigms make Ahwazi to face critical situations, such as unemployment, marginalisation, siege programmer, segregation, ghetto and pollution. There are other problems such as homelessness; Illiteracy and changing the demography of Arab regions usually threaten the existence of the Arabs in their locations.

The Iranian new paradigms usually leave an inevitable impact on Ahwaz, mainly unclear future for Arabs. Therefore, these policies led Ahwazi Arabs in Al-Noemeye to protest against the Iranian authorities. Overall, 3 protestors were killed and dozens were injured. According to the reliable sources from the region, Mr Khalil Bagheri, the Arab man from Al- Noemeye along two other Arabs were killed, more than ten people were injured, and dozens were arrested. The reliable sources also added that one of the people, Mr Mohammad Waled Jassem Al-Shojayi, who was injured in the protest, was died on Saturday 16th July 2016 at the hospital due to severe injured.

The Iranian security guard also killed another Ahwazi Arab man in the port of Khamir in South Al-Ahwaz. Mr Mir Abdullah was shot by the Iranian security guard on Saturday 16th July. In addition, some sources inside Al-Ahwaz informed to the Ahwazi Organisation for the Defence of Human Rights that one Ahwazi teenager, Mr Amir Abas Nejad 16 years old was shot to death by the Iranian security forces in Jamberon (Bandar Abbas) on Friday 29th July 2016. Two other Arabs were severely injured.

The Iranian authorities are continuing of violation of human rights towards Ahwazi Arab people. The reliable sources from Al-Ahwaz have informed to the Ahwazi Organisation for the Defence of Human Rights that the Iranian authorities have increased its policies against native residents in Jesm (Qeshm) island, through supporting settlers to invest in the island and prevent the native citizens of building home at the city or having business in their region.

During the interview with some residents in the island, the residents pointed out that the Iranian authorities want to motivate non-Arabs to move to the island and at the same time prevent Arabs of developing their accommodations or making a new business.

Unemployment in the island has reached 40% despite of having major job opportunities in the island, in which the Iranian authorities mainly offer to the settler.

The Ahwazi Organisation for the Defence of Human Rights condemns the Iranian authorities’ policies against Ahwazi Arab people in general, and against Ahwazi in Asaluya and Jamberon (Bandar Abbas) in particular. The organisation also has urged the International Organisations in general and Dr Ahmad Shaheed, the Special Rapporteur of Human Rights for Iran in particular to put Iran under pressure to stop its ill-treatments against Ahwazi and free all the detainees who were arrested on 6th July 2016.

The Ahwazi Organisation for the Defence of Human Rights has also demand Dr Shaheed and other international organisations to put Iran under pressure to investigate the case of the death against three Ahwazi who were killed by the Iranian security guard in Al-Noemeye, and the teenager who was killed in Bandar Abbas.


Ahwaz is an Arab land that located in the South- West and South Iran. The name of Al-Ahwaz has changed to Khuzestan, Bushehr and Hormozgan in 1935 after invading the land in 1925. The Iranian both regimes such as Pahlavi era and Islamic republic era used different ways to suppress Ahwazi voices.

A considerable number of Ahwazi have been arrested by the Iranian authorities due to their activities. Therefore, many of the activists were died under torture, and many were sent to the death penalty or long life imprisonment.

The strategy of the Iranian authorities toward Ahwazi Arab people has an impact on Ahwazi Arabs. For instance, the demographic of Al-Ahwaz has changed due to bringing settlers to Al-Ahwaz; the vast majority of Ahwazi are unemployed, poor and homelessness.

The Iranian authorities also deprived Ahwazi of reaching their right to life, although Article 6 of the ICCPR states that ”every human being has the irrefutable right to life. This right shall be protected by law. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life”.

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