18 May 2016

                                                                                                                                 18th May, 2016


Iran arrests of Ahwazi woman activist and threatening the security of Arab

According to the reliable sources, the Iranian intelligence services have arrested an Ahwazi women environmental activist Ms. Zakia Hor Neysi, 26 years of age, and agricultural engineer on Tuesday 17 May 2016 due to unknown reasons.

Mr. Yaqoub Hor Neysi, the Ahwazi political activist and brother of Ms. Zakia Neysi confirmed to Ahwazi Organisation for the Defence of Human Rights that the Iranian intelligence services were raided his family on 17th May 2016 in the early morning. The Iranian services were arrested his sister Ms. Zakia and were seized all her belongings such as laptop, hard drive, books and mobile phone. It seems that the Iranian intelligence services are detaining her in Amaniya.

Mr. Yaqoub Hor also added that his sister Ms. Neysi is an environmental and cultural activist, and was campaigning against Iranian policies toward Karun River, in which has affected environment and economy in Al-Ahwaz.

Another reliable source from Al-Ahwaz also confirmed that the Iranian intelligence services in different city in Al-Ahwaz (In Mashor/Mahshar city, the area of Al-Kora) have arrested Mr. Majid Alboebadi, 29 years of age, and having Master in Chemistry on 16 May 2016. The sources were added that the Iranian intelligence services were arrested Mr. Alboebadi due to his political and religion activity. However, there is no detail about his current situation.

The Ahwazi Organisation for the Defence of Human Rights strongly condemned the Iranian ill-treatments against Ahwazi Arab in general and against Ms. Zakia and Mr. Majid in particular. The Ahwazi Organisation for the Defence of Human Rights demand the International Human Rights Organisations and International Community in general and Dr. Ahmad Shaheed, the Special Rapporteur of Human Rights for Iran in particular, to pay more attention for the case of Ms. Zakia and Mr. Majid, who were recently arrested by the Iranian intelligence services without unclear reason.


Ahwaz is an Arab land that located in the South- West and South Iran. The name of Al-Ahwaz has changed to Khuzestan, Bushehr and Hormozgan in 1935 after invading the land in 1925. The Iranian both regimes such as Pahlavi era and Islamic republic era used different ways to suppress Ahwazi voices.

A considerable number of Ahwazi have been arrested by the Iranian authorities due to their campaigning toward Karun River. The Iranian authorities have changed the way of Ahwazi river to Persian cities, in which has affected the marshlands of Al-Ahwaz. The strategy of the Iranian authorities toward Ahwazi river have an impact on environment in Al-Ahwaz, so environment at the same time have increased pollution and cancer and other diseases in Al-Ahwaz.  For instance, cancer has increased around 500% in Ahwaz. Therefore, Ahwazi Arab people have made several protests and campaigns around Karun since 2013.

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