The statement of condemnation and denunciation


24 Nov 2021



The statement of condemnation and denunciation concerning the accusations leveled against Mr. Habib Asyoud.


In response to the false accusations leveled against the former president of the Arab struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz, Mr. Habib Asyoud, The Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights, condemns the Mullah’s regime’s irreverent and false accusations against the Ahwazi leader detained in Iran.


Also, it emphasizes that the authorities’ insistence in obtaining false confessions is irrelevant. And that, it reflects the regime’s intention to irresponsibly pass more death penalties, and to continue its arrest campaigns in Al-Ahwaz.

Therefore, the Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights rejects all the accusations leveled by the Iranian regime. As Mr. Habib Asyoud was already acquitted in the European courts, after an Interpol file opened against him by the Iranian regime. It is noteworthy that Asyoud earlier rejected all the false accusations during a European fair court trial.

It is revealed that Mr. Asyoud has been facing the worst types of psychological torture by the Iranian intelligence Service, since his arrest on November 9, 2020. Fundamentally, he was kidnapped by the regime’s forces from Turkey, and was subsequently transferred to Iran across the Turkish-Iranian border. It is noteworthy that the elements of the mullahs’ regime’s spies in Europe, had participated in this criminal operation.

Furthermore, during a speech at the headquarters of the Human Rights Council in 2019, the organization emphasized, that Ahwazi activists and refugees in exile, are in a very dangerous situation. Accordingly, the organization demanded the human rights organizations to protect the Ahwazi people in exile. Consequently, this angered the Iranian delegate in the United Nations.

It is worth mentioning that the political game played by the regime, during the court, in addition to the statement published by the Iranian judicial authorities, clarify the regime’s political orientation, that are not based on true evidence, and that certainly include many fallacies.


And especially, that the regime pass death sentences or life imprisonment, to whoever opposes the existing regime, or demand for her/his right to self-determination. It was declared, that Sweden attempted to meet Mr. Habib Asyoud, through its embassy in Tehran, but the Iranian government rejected the embassy’s attempts in this regard. It is noteworthy that Mr. Habib Asyoud, has held the Swedish nationality for several years.


Accordingly, the Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights, calls on human rights organizations and the Human Rights Council, to take immediate action and to save the life of Mr. Habib Asyoud, who holds Swedish citizenship, and who was earlier under its protection.


Additionally, it calls on the international community to put further pressure on the Iranian regime, in order to reveal the fate of Mr. Asyoud, as he is going through tremendous difficulties. And accordingly, to take immediate action, concerning the Iranian regime’s attempts in kidnapping the innocent politicians and journalists.

In conclusion, the organization stresses that the Iranian regime’s repressive policy of forcibly abducting citizens, and violating the sanctity of the European countries, including the Kingdom of Sweden, and transferring the kidnapped to unknown places where the conditions for life are not suitable, violates the United Nations’ charter, and all international norms related to human rights.

Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights


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