The letter from the Even prison


23 Jan 2016

The Ahwazi Organisation for the Defence of Human Rights

The letter from the Even prison

The Ahwazi Organisation for the Defence of Human Rights has received an important letters that seems belong to Mr. Ghazi Abbasi, the Ahwazi political activist, who was sentenced to the death penalty alongside other three Ahwazi activists from Falahia city (Shadegan).

The Iranian intelligence services in November 2013 during the contact to the families of Mr. Ghazi Abbasi and other three Ahwazi Arab political activists from Falahia city informed that all these men were executed by the authorities in the secret detonation. However, leaked a letter from the Even Prison has caused suspicions that Ghazi Abbasi is alive, in which the Ahwazi Organisation for the Defence of Human Rights still cannot confirm that Mr. Ghazi is alive, but the organisation has received a letter from a reliable sources in Ahwaz and Baluchistan. Therefore, the Ahwazi Organisation for the Defence of Human Rights is continuing to investigate the case, in which the letter said that the Iranian intelligence services used the sentence of the Blind Death against Ghazi Abbasi (Mot  Al-ama).

In the Blind Death, the Iranian intelligence services usually sent the activists to the unknown detention without having contact with the world, in the dark detention until the death.

In fact, the Iranian authorities have changed its policy towards activists, particularly non-Persian ethnic nations, specifically Ahwazi Arab activists since 2013. For instance, the Iranian authorities in one hand, sentence the activists to the death penalty by the Iranian intelligence services and the revolutionary courts, and in another hand, the authorities threat the families of the victims to not have a communication with human rights organisations it the abroad.

In this situation, the Iranian intelligence services notify the activists in the prison about their death sentence, therefore, the authorities will prohibit the families of visiting their sons/daughters, in which will cause the families to feel disappoint for these cases. In addition, the Iranian intelligence services via ringing the phone, will inform the execution to the families without giving them the details of the bodies whereabouts. However, at the same time, the Iranian intelligence services begun to publish contradictory news to effect the human rights organisations and having a negative impact on the families.

Now, after a long, a news from the confidence sources towards Mr. Ghazi Abbasi has leaked, which seems Ghazi Abbasi is holding in the secret and dark detention in Even prison.  Therefore, the Ahwazi Organisation for the Defence of Human Rights will give its research and action very soon.

(All the letter is received but due to the security, the organisation currently cannot publish the letter).


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