“Unlawful Murder”…The killing of the Ahwazi citizen, by the Iranian regime’s bullets


11 Jun 2020

“Unlawful Murder”


The killing of the Ahwazi citizen, “Majed Boghbeish”, by the Iranian regime’s bullets


Rights sources inside Ahwaz revealed that the Iranian regime forces murdered the Ahwazi citizen(The killing of the Ahwazi citizen), “Majed Boghbeish” at the Khor Musa checkpoint.

The sources said that the Iranian regime’s police forces shot Majed Boghbeish son of Rahim, 25 years old, from the port of Ma’shur – at 4 a m. on June 12, 2020, while he was driving a Priyid / Siva car on the Khurmosi road – M’ashur.


The Iranian regime authorities have not released any details of the incident. While the human rights activists confirm that the incident comes within the policy of “unlawful killings” pursued by the Iranian regime in Ahwaz.


The city of Ma’shur had witnessed a horrific massacre that killed about 200 people in November 2019. Carried out by members of the Iranian security forces that fired live bullets at protesters who had hidden inside a cane plantation, after they went out in a protest against the high prices of gasoline.


Accordingly, the Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights condemns the continued Iranian regime in the liquidation of the Ahwazi youth outside the scope of the law, stressing that it is a continuation of the rule of the jungle and the failed state policy.


The organization held the authorities of the Iranian regime fully responsible for these crimes, calling on the authorities to quickly stop these crimes, and compel the Iranian authorities to hold those responsible for these crimes accountable and prevent impunity.


It called on the international community to take immediate action to compel the Iranian regime to respect the law and its application, to adhere to all international covenants and covenants, to stop the execution of all death sentences issued in political cases by the Iranian Revolutionary circles and courts, and to stop all acts of violence and extrajudicial killings towards the people of Ahwaz in all its categories.


Likewise, the need to investigate all extrajudicial killings, to release all detainees held in for political cases, to stop the crime of enforced disappearance and arbitrary detention, and to reveal the whereabouts of the disappeared and release them.


The organization recommended the necessity of forming a fact-finding committee to assess the human rights situation in Ahwaz, visit Iranian prisons, identify the deteriorating conditions, violate the rights of prisoners, and investigate extrajudicial killings.


The Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights



The killing of the Ahwazi citizen, "Majed Boghbeish", by the Iranian regime’s bullets

The killing of the Ahwazi citizen, “Majed Boghbeish”, by the Iranian regime’s bullets

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