The Iranian regime expands the circle of detention among writers, poets, and activists in Ahwaz


01 Jun 2020

The Iranian regime expands the circle of detention among writers, poets, and activists in Ahwaz


The Iranian security forces expanded their campaign of arrests among writers, poets, and activists in Ahwaz, the capital, in the context of the repressive campaign launched by them to lead the Ahwazi movement against the pillars of the Iranian regime.


Local sources said that the Iranian regime authorities arrested the young Ahwazi Khairallah Haidari, aged 24, during the blessed Eid Al-Fitr and took him to an unknown location.


The sources confirmed that the security forces in a camp accompanied by Iranian intelligence services carried out a campaign of raids in the neighborhood as a result, the poet Hossam Karghouli and Mr. Jamal Nisi were arrested and taken to an unknown destination.


The Iranian security services have intensified the campaign of arrests of Ahwazi poets, activists, and intellectuals ahead of the holy month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, fearing their role in organizing activities and events aimed at raising awareness of Ahwaz youth and confronting the policies of obliterating the Arab identity, and attracting world attention to their cause by raising the Ahwazi flag.


Accordingly, the Ahwaz Organization for the Defence of Human Rights condemns the continuation of the policy of abuse and revenge that is practiced against Ahwazi writers, poets, activists and intellectuals and throws them in prison without any charges other than feeling a sense of belonging and patriotism.


It affirms that arbitrary arrests of Ahwazi writers, poets and intellectuals It is a crime committed against those who carry the banner of human consciousness and those who have noble goals. The naked face of the Iranian regime.


The organization calls on Arab writers and intellectuals, book unions, human rights organizations, and Arab and international institutions concerned with the victory of freedoms and the rule of law everywhere, in solidarity and stand together against the violations of the Iranian regime against Ahwazi poets and writers and shed light on their just cause.


The Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights

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