The continuation of arrests in Ahwaz


02 Aug 2021

The continuation of arrests in Ahwaz

Iranian security forces have been continuously arresting protesters in various cities of Ahwaz.

According to human rights activists, 310 people including children have been identified.

The names of the detainees of the July uprising (thirsty uprising) until 02.08.2021

Human rights organizations condemned the crackdown and widespread arrests in various cities, and expressed their concern about the health of the Ahwazi detainees.

Thus, The Ahwazi Organization For The Defense Of Human Rights In Ahwaz, condemns the Iranian regime’s crimes, against the Ahwazi peaceful protesters. And calls on the International Organizations and Human Rights Council, to reconsider their silence concerning the Iranian regime’s crime against humanity in Ahwaz.


Accordingly, the organization demands the International Community and its related institutions, in addition to the Security Council, to form a necessary committee. And, to take immediate actions against the Iranian regime and its adoption of violent tools including live bullets and tear gas bombs.

The organization calls on all international authorities, especially the United Nations, to urgently intervene to release the detainees.

Ahwazi Organization for The Defense of Human Rights

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