The Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights welcomes “Amnesty International” calls to rescue Ahwazi prisoners


03 May 2020

The Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights welcomes “Amnesty International” calls to rescue Ahwazi prisoners

The Ahwazi Organization for Human Rights welcomed the calls of London-based human rights defender Amnesty International to save the lives of Ahwazi political prisoners who are on hunger strike in the Speedar and Shaiban prisons.

The organization stressed that Amnesty International’s statement is a step on the right path, renewing its call to the international community to provide support and redouble legal efforts to achieve justice and hold those responsible for atrocity crimes against the Ahwazi people accountable.

Amnesty International confirmed that dozens of Ahwazi prisoners need immediate medical care resulting from the injuries they suffered during the crackdown by security forces during their protests, during which they demanded medical leave due to the proliferation of Corona in prison on 31 March.

The organization stated that three prisoners, Hussein Silawi, Ali Khasraji and Nasser Khafaji locations are unknown since the authorities took them to an unknown destination.

Also, 7 others, Jaber Alboshokeh , Mukhtar Alboshokeh , Ali Majdam, Moieen Khanafereh, Jamil Heidary, Jasem Al-Heidary, and Abdolrazagh Obeidawi, are on hunger strike and were placed in a narrow solitary cell while suffering from the effects of beatings and torture.

This is in addition to the detainee Mohammad Ali Amouri, who suffers from chest and head injuries, and Abdelreza Obeidawi, who suffers from gastrointestinal complications due to beating in the stomach and blindness in one eye.

Also, Abdolzahra (Zuhair) Heleichi, Abdulemam Zairi, Sajjad Dailami and Ali Kaab Umair suffer from severe injuries and wounds.

In response to Amnesty International’s request to conduct independent investigations into cases of enforced disappearance, torture and protect prisoners from torture and other ill-treatment, the Ahwazi Organization for Human Rights is calling on the Security Council to establish a truth commission and refer its findings to the International Criminal Court to take the necessary measures.


The organization reaffirms that the international community is required to take urgent and effective action to prosecute all those suspected of serious and systematic violations of the rules of international humanitarian and international human rights law after Amnesty International and its experts repeatedly confirmed the violations of the Iranian regime against the Ahwazi people.

Finally, the Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights calls on human rights bodies and organizations to take into account the reports, figures, and statistics issued by them regarding the Ahwazi prisoners and detainees as a basis for carrying out their duty to prevent violations and protect unarmed civilians in the Ahwaz lands.


The Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights

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