Iranian regime’s practices should be curbed by international community


28 Jan 2019

 Iranian regime’s practices should be curbed by international community

Assassinations against the Iranian regime’s soldiers and officers are a natural outcome of its authoritarian and repressive policies as well as seizing the people’s lives and resources.

On Friday evening, a resistance group carried out a military operation against the regime in Ahwaz.

The operation, carried out in Ras Al-Mina (Sar Bandar) city in Ahwaz shows the level of popular discontent due to the regime’s practices amid schemes to seize the resources of non-Persian people, on top of them comes the Ahwazis including water stolen by the regime and converted to Persian areas, leaving farmlands uncultivated and stealing oil and gas.

We assert the necessity the free world and international community should assume their role in adjusting behavior of the Iranian regime since the latter may manipulate the latest attack in Ras Al-Mina (Sar Bandar) as a pretext to expand the arrests and legitimize the execution, imprisonment and torture of activists under the guise of restoring its awe diminishing day after day as the peoples are living under the poverty line and threatened around the clock to be killed or detained.

We rely here on the role of the international community and international human rights organizations in the need to pay attention to the reprisals that may be committed by the regime, while the mullahs’ regime maintains its destructive policies and the impact of this on the recurrence of such operations on the one hand and the danger of exploiting such incidents, on the other hand, to suppress the Ahwazi people, taking those attacks as a guise for more repressive measures.

And we remember what Ahwaz had witnessed during the attack on the military parade in the region, which took place on September 22nd. The operation was used by the regime as a pretense to detain hundreds of Ahwazis, execute many others and lock them up bringing forth no legal justification. This could open the floodgate of the regime’s revenge against the unarmed civilians in Ahwaz which will happen on sectarian motives in case the international community don’t act to stop such practices expected in the aftermath of Ras Al-Mina (Sar Bandar) operation.

The Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights call on the international community to exert pressure on Iran for it to respect international laws and human rights charter, respect individual freedoms, ensure the right to setting up fair trials and not detaining citizens without clear charges, grant civilians the right to just, fair and transparent trials.

Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights

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