Iranian regime forces arrest 12 Ahwazi Arab citizens


10 Sep 2017


The Iranian regime forces have arrested 12 Ahwazi citizens in recent days in different parts of the occupied Arab region of Ahwaz, informed sources told Ahwaz Organization for the Defence of Human Rights (AODHR).


They added the arrests are still being made till now. And maybe there are dozens of citizens arrested in the heavy-handed crackdown.


According to the sources, these arrests have been made in the aftermath of the Ahwazis’ staging of mass protests following Eid prayer.


Haider Abbas Zadeh, commander of the Iran regime forces in northern Ahwaz, told Iranian media outlets that the security apparatuses had arrested dozens of Ahwazis.  He claimed that the detainees admitted to carrying out shootings and opening fire on the security forces before being arrested.


The Ahwazi watchdog speculates that those Ahwazi arrestees by the regime forces will be subject to torture and harsh treatment in detention.


It added the Iranian forces have a heinous record when it comes to violating international laws on human rights such as Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.


 AODHR  is trying to obtain the names, information, and photographs of the Ahwazi detainees in order to follow up the legal procedures relating to their case


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