Iranian occupation intelligence detains 15-year-old Ahwazi girl


20 Oct 2017

Sources told the Ahwaz Organization for the Defense of Human Rights revealed that the Revolutionary Guards intelligence forces on Wednesday evening, 18 October, kidnapped a 15-year old Ahwazi girl.

The sources explained that the IRGC intelligence kidnappped the girl, named Maeda Amouri, a student in the first grade in the secondary stage in front of her school in “Alslij” district in the city of Abadan south of Ahwazi capital city.

The sources yet revealed Maeda was summoned by intelligence personnel on Tuesday. She was detained for four hours in bid to solicit confessions under duress.

According to the sources, Maeda is the daughter of the Ahwazi activist Shahid al-Amuri.

It is worth mentioning that the Iranian occupation is carrying out forced abductions against the people of Ahwaz, where citizens are locked up in prisons and detention centers for long periods. They are held there on fabricated charges, ending up being handed down harsh sentences by the regime’s biased judiciary.

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