International Workers’ Day


02 May 2021

International Workers’ Day; Congratulations or Condolences




Today 01.05.2021, Saturday, May 1, is the International Labor Day, observed each year to pay tribute to the contribution of workers across the world. However, in these days, the word worker in Ahwaz, reflects tremendous difficulties such as poverty and inequality, rather than being a reminder of what Ali Khamenei’s has claimed, as production, development and economic prosperity.



Workers are accustomed to spending difficult times in Ahwaz, despite their deteriorating conditions, such as the extreme rise in prices, and economic inflation in light of the Coronavirus outbreak. Thus, the situation for them and their families has become more difficult.



The Iranian regime has allowed the spread of corruption and caused miserable economic relations that plunder the economic and social capital of society every day. And, unabashedly requests all people to bear these circumstances. It is noteworthy that the poverty rate increases day by day, among the non-Persian peoples, especially in Ahwaz.



And as a result, numerous and large labor protests erupted in the so-called political geography of Iran, during the past year, but the most widespread and persistent were conducted in the cities of Ahwaz and Sous (Shush). These protests were related to the workers of the following companies, “Haft Tappeh Company” for the cultivation and manufacturing of sugar cane and the National Company of Ahwaz (Iran) for steel.


Additionally, there were other protests conducted by the municipal workers, sanitation, slaughterhouses, firefighting teams, water, electricity, oil and petrochemical companies, and teachers, in various cities and towns of Ahwaz, however, workers and teachers were the most important ones. The reasons bebind their protests, were non-payment of insurance premiums, lack of job security, low wages, unfair work contracts, unpaid salaries, billions of dollars stolen by officials, racial discrimination and inequality in the rights of working women, and child labor.



However, what workers and activists received in response to their protests, were threat, repression, prosecution, dismissal from work, arrest and imprisonment by the security services.



The livelihood pressures of the workers reached an extent that two oil workers hanged themselves in one day, Imran Roshani, who hanged himself over the oil well that he was guarding. And, another worker in Hamidiyah city, who was rescued by his colleagues at the last moment.



But, dozens of other deaths are still victims of poverty and disease, and in these circumstances, it is really difficult and heartbreaking to say congratulations! on the occasion of the Labor Day.



Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights

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