Insulting Arab Political Prisoners in Ahwaz Prison


01 May 2021

Beating & Insulting Arab Political Prisoners in Ahwaz Prison



According to Ahwazi human rights sources, Mohammad Ali Amouri and Mokhtar Alboshuke, two Arab political prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment, and Qassem Sanjari, another Arab political prisoner, were severely beaten yesterday in Shiban Prison in Ahwaz.



These political prisoners were attacked by Hossein Parkar (accused of embezzling billions) and his accomplice Adnan Zabieh and a number of other convicted prisoners, with the support and incitement of prison security officials, and were severely beaten and injured.



Amouri and Albushoka, Arab activists, were members of the Al Hawar Cultural Institute (Dialogue). Actually, they were sentenced to death by the Revolutionary Court on false security charges, but later their sentences were reduced to life imprisonment.



The Amnesty International, exactly one year ago, on 30 April 2020, issued a call in regard to the medical treatment of tortured prisoners at Shiban Prison in Ahwaz.



According to Amnesty International, a large number of Ahwazi Arab prisoners, including Mohammad Ali Amori and Mokhtar Alboshoke, were beaten and shot by security forces in March 2019, while protesting against authorities’ failure in providing healthcare related to Covid-19. And during that time, Mohammad Ali Amouri was injured in his head and chest.



Abdul Reza Obaidawi, another prisoner, lost one of his eyes to by bullet And Jaber Alboshuke and his brother Mokhtar Alboshoke, Abdul Zahra (Zuhair) Halichi, Abdul Imam Zayeri, Sajjad Deilami, Ali Kaab Umair also suffered from infectious injuries. And, due to that repression, many were killed and others including  Amori and Alboshoke, were transferred to the Ahwaz Intelligence Office detention centers, and held in solitary confinements.



Furthermore, in January 2019, Mohammad Ali Amouri and Mokhtar Alboshoke, along with some other Arab political prisoners including; Abdul Zahra Halichi, Yahya Naseri, Nazem Barihi, Abdul Imam Zayeri and Jaber Alboshoke, went on a hunger strike for non-segregation of political prisoners from other prisoners. However, their demands were ignored, and consequently were tortured and severely beaten, by the security forces.



It is noteworthy that the authorities of Ahwaz prisons, especially Shiban prison, constantly put pressure on and harass Arab political prisoners, through assigning them to cells along with dangerous prisoners.


Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights, strongly condemns the inhumane treatment of prisoners. And, accordingly Calls for the observance of standards such as the principle of segregation of prisoners on the basis of crime. Also, calls on international organizations and the Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran, to condemn the systematic harassment of political prisoners in Iran. Also, to oblige the relevant authorities to respect the rights of prisoners.


Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights

Friday, April 30, 2021

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