Farmers protest in Ahwaz


16 Jun 2020

The Ahwaz farmers protest in front of the military governor’s headquarters against the ban on rice cultivation


Farmers protest in Ahwaz

Hundreds of Arab farmers protested, on Saturday, 6/6/2020, in front of the military governor’s building in Ahwaz, in protest against the Iranian fascist regime’s policy in water management and the decision to ban the cultivation of rice issued by the Iranian Ministry of Energy and Agriculture.


In the Farmers protests in Ahwaz, farmers have gathered since then  since the early morning hours in front of the military ruler’s headquarters, holding up banners denouncing the policy of diverting the course of the rivers and reducing the amount of water flowing towards the Arab regions.


They affirmed their categorical rejection of the decision of the unjust Iranian regime that prohibits the cultivation of rice in Ahwaz during the summer period due to the scarcity of water, which causes 20,000 Arab family’s heavy losses.


One of the most important sources of income for Ahwazi families is rice cultivation. If not, the only source considering the deteriorating living conditions, economic and social conditions as a result of the destructive policies of the Iranian regime.


Ahwaz’s deputies in the Iranian parliament have repeatedly denounced the indulgence of those responsible for the water file in Ahwaz, which caused huge losses to citizens, including dry crops and the deaths of hundreds of livestock, pointing out that the regime promised several times to solve the problem, but it did not fulfil its promises.


The Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights affirms that the Iranian regime’s thirst policy against Arab farmers is a flagrant violation of human rights; It multiplied the economic crises and contributed to the increase in poverty rates in the cities of Ahwaz.


The organization expresses its deep concern about the Iranian regime’s policy that primarily targets the Ahwazi people and aims to pass displacement and settlement projects through the draining of water and the cultivation of agricultural land in Ahwaz.


It calls on the entire world to intervene swiftly to put an end to the pillars of the Iranian regime and to activate the procedures for holding it accountable while calling on human rights institutions and bodies to shed light on the tragedy of the Ahwazi farmers.


The Ahwazi Organization for the defence of Human Rights

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