Effective Contributions of AODHR in Geneva


10 Jul 2019

Effective Contributions of AODHR in Geneva

On the sidelines of the 41st Session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, the Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights “AODHR” acted to shed light on the crimes and gross violations committed by the Iranian regime in the field of human rights

In the course of our relentless efforts to shed light on the violations and crimes against the human rights in Ahwaz, the organization held a symposium on crimes against non- Persian peoples, particularly Ahwazis who are subjected to all forms of violations such as extrajudicial executions, torture leading to death, plundering of riches, racial discrimination, diverting water to Persian cities, destroying of environments and other types of violations.

Ahwazi organizations active in the field of human rights participated in the symposium, along with a number of Arab and foreign activists from Yemen, Iraq, Egypt, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and other countries.

In the symposium, head of AODHR, Hakim al-Kaabi, stressed the need for the intervention of the international community and its organizations to save the Ahwaz detainees from the violations that amounted to death under torture in the Iranian regime’s prisons, noting what happened to Ahwaz detainee Benyamin Nasser al-Boghbish, who was killed under torture shortly after his arrest.

In his speech, al-Kaabi referred to the Iranian regime’s plans for demographic change through the displacement of people of the Ahwazi villages and the prosecution, imprisonment and fabrication of charges against civil activists such as teachers and researchers. He cited the case of detainee researcher Hussein Farajullah, a history activist who was arrested by the regime authorities without charge.

The organization based its narrative concerning the crimes of the Iranian regime on a film translated into English language that included an aspect of the Ahwazis’ suffering as a result of the disaster of the floods that hit Ahwaz less than two months ago. The film also referred to the role of the Iranian regime in exacerbating the disaster by opening dams to the populated Ahwazi villages and neighborhoods and flooding them with their inhabitants to protect the regime’s facilities.

This symposium is one of the series of events and steps taken by AODHR to support the Ahwazi cause on international forums to urge international human rights organizations to launch fair and transparent investigations through impartial and fair committees to end the suffering of non-Persian people under the control of the Iranian regime, particularly the Ahwazi people.

The Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights “AODHR”

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