Dead and wounded with live bullets behind prison walls in Ahwaz


08 Apr 2020

Dead and wounded with live bullets behind prison walls in Ahwaz

In Ahwaz province, the Iranian regime is using live bullets to disperse prisoners who are protesting for fear of the spread of the Corona epidemic among them.

The Iranian regime seizes the opportunity of the Corona pandemic, which pervades the world, and in particular the Iranian state, to get rid of political prisoners.

The method of carrying out the crime and the numbers of the dead and wounded reveals the regime’s prior intentions.

At a time when concerted international efforts to limit the expansion of the spread of the Coronavirus by circulating medical guidelines to avoid its spread, along with serious efforts to find a vaccine that saves human lives, we find that the Tehran regime using this pandemic as an opportunity to implement its criminal aims, as observers and human rights activists noted. The regime has used the pandemic to pursue its criminal activities and has used it as a weapon to liquidate prisoners who went on hunger strike because the regime has not taken the necessary precautions in overcrowded prisons. The citizens of Ahwaz heard gunfire in the walls of Shaiban prison, followed by a scene of a massive fire in the prison from which flames and heavy smoke spread throughout the area. To this day, the regime of the mullahs conceals the reality of the events that occurred behind the prison walls.

The fact that prisons in Ahwaz suffer daily violations of human rights is not new and is known in its many forms, but what increased its severity is the spread of the Coronavirus with poor health conditions in these prisons, which lack the most basic international standards that must be provided. With the spread of the Corona pandemic, these prisons are considered a suitable environment for the spread of infection among prisoners whose numbers exceed the prison capacity, in addition to lacking the simplest medical supplies to reduce the spread of infection such as sterilizers, in addition to poor conditions of the water and sanitation facilities.


When fears of the virus prevalence in prisons prevailed,  the regime did not pay attention to this matter and even refused to agree to requests for provisional release from prison, similar to what is followed in other Iranian provinces prisons … Inmates in “Spydar, Shaiban and Abadan” prisons in Ahwaz were forced to peaceful protests demanding that they are saved from the danger. The response came from the authorities, violent and unexpected, in which live weapons were used. More than 10 people were killed and a large number of prisoners were injured. Videos were posted on social media showing massive fires and live fire from inside the prison building.


According to the sources of the organization, the terrorist-designated Revolutionary Guard forces and the special forces of prisons launched a campaign of raids against the prisoners in these prisons, sounds of gunfire were heard inside them by the people of the city and eyewitnesses stated that after dark, some ambulances entered the Shaiban prison and were later escorted by military protection to transport the injured prisoners out of prison.

Despite the Iranian regime’s serious attempts to conceal its hideous crime against the unarmed prisoners in the prisons of Spydar, Shayban, and Abadan, the protesters who refused to die silently with the Coronavirus, exposed the truth of the regime’s prior and malicious intentions.

According to what was available, the prisoners who died as a result of live shooting by the prison special forces:

1_ Mohammed Laftah Al-Tumali Al-Tarfy, 25 years old, from Busaiteen

2_ Syed Ridha al-Maghanimi al-Khorasani is 38 years old, from the city of Khafajia

3_ Muhammad Salamat from the Mashaly neighborhood

4_ Shaheen Al-Zuhairi from the city of Muhammarah

5_ Muhammad caught his eye from the city of Ahwaz, the capital

6_ Majeed Al-Zubaidi from the city of Ahwaz

7_ Nasser Khalaf Al-Zubaidi

8_ Shaddad carpets from the city of Quneitra (Dezful)

9_ Ali Reza Hajiounid from the city of Quneitra (Dezful)

10_ Ali Al-Khafaji

The names of prisoners who were wounded by live bullets

1_ Mr. Adel Al-Sawari, Shaiban Prison

2_ Mr. Ali Al-Sawari, Shaiban Prison

3_ Mr. Hassan Al-Khanfari, Shiban prison

4_ Mr. Hamid Sayahi, Shaiban prison

5_ Mr. Muhammad Al-Obaidawi, Shaiban Prison

6_ Mr. Mohsen Urk, Shaiban Prison

7_ Mr. Kazem Al-Janami, Shaiban Prison

8_ Mr. Ahmad Al-Talqani, Speedar Prison

9_ Mr. Hassan Al-Hizbian, Speedar Prison

10_ Mr. Khalil Al-Zarqani, Speedar Prison

11_ Mr. Ihsan Norouzi, Speedar Prison

12_ Mr. Ali Al-Shujerati, Speedar Prison

13_ Mr. Fadel Al-Humayrat, Speedar Prison

14_ Mr. Ali Al Majdam

15_ Mr. Moeen Albo Khanfar

16_ Mr. Alireza Nazari

17_ Mr. Ali Al-Manbohi

18_ Mr. Raheem Al-Afrawi

19_ Mr. Hussain Al-Hardani

20_ Mr. Abdul-Zahraa Al-Helaiji

21_ Mr. Essa Al-Damani

22_ Mr. Khaled Al-Thaabi

23_ Mr. Ahmed Al-Thaabi

24_ Mr. Tawfiq Alipour

25_ Mr. Raad Al-Munayyat

26_ Mr. Tawfiq Al-Munayyat

27_ Mr. Amin Hattab Alsari

28_ Mr. Abdullah Al-Jaldawi

29_ Mr. Salem Al-Boshouka, Shaiban Prison

30_ Mr. Anwar Al-Mousawi, Shaiban Prison

31_ Mr. Mustafa Al-Soufi, Shaiban Prison

32_ Mr. Musa al-Musawi, Shaiban prison

33_ Mr. Sajjad Al-Dulaimi, Shaiban Prison

34_ Mr. Aref Alwani, Shaiban Prison

35_ Mr. Milad Al-Nasiri, Shaiban Prison

36_ Mr. Habib Drees, Shaiban prison

37_ Mr. Abdulredha Al-Dulaimi, Shaiban Prison

And transferred more than 90 flour to an unknown location

1_ Mr. Muhammad Ali Al-Amouri

2_ Mr. Mukhtar Al-Boshouka

3_ Mr. Iskandar Al-Munyatat

4_ Mr. Jaber Al-Boshouka

5_ Mr. Jassim Al-Haidari

6_ Mr. Jamil Al-Haidari

7_ Mr. Ali Jharlanck

8_ Mr. Anwar Al-Musawi

9_ Mr. Yatar Al-Sawari

10_ Mr. Habib Drees

11_ Mr. Ali Al Majdam

12_ Mr. Iskandar Albukhanfer

13_ Mr. Hassan Jassim Al-Batrani

14_ Mr. Falah Al-Jaldawi

In a previous statement, the organization warned against liquidating political prisoners on the pretext of the virus spreading in Spydar and Shaiban prisons in Ahwaz and other cities in Iran.

The organization calls on the Iranian regime to respond to the demands of prisoners and their families and calls on the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Special Rapporteur on human rights in Iran and other relevant international bodies to take immediate steps to compel the Iranian regime to declare the status of victims and wounded during the settlement of protests.


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