Condemn letter


23 Jan 2016

5 Ahwazi killed and over 10 injured by the Iranian security guard

HARANA, the Iranian Human Rights Organisation, and the reliable sources inside Qasem Island (Qeshm Island) in East Ahwaz confirmed to the Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights that the Iranian security guard killed 5 Ahwazi and over 10 people were seriously injured on Saturday 12th July 2014. The families of some victims confirmed that some female and children were among the wounded.

According to the sources, the Iranian security guard attacked Koveh village inside Qeshm Island and begun to shoot people in charge of fuel smuggling. Therefore, at least 5 people were killed and over 10 were injured, the security guard arrested several residents of the village and sent them to unknown place that belong to the Iranian security guard in the Island.

The Ahwazi Defence for Human Rights organisation strongly condemned the death of 5 Ahwazi from Qeshm Island by the Iranian security guard. Also condemned the Iranian ill-treatment against Ahwazi Arab, particularly Arab people from Qeshm Island. The Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights has also asked the international human rights organisation to put Iran under pressure to free all people, who arrested by the security guard in the Island, return back the bodies to their families, punish the killers who ordered to shoot people in the Island, and stop the blocking people to access any job opportunities in their native land.


Qasem Island (Qeshm Island) is a largest Island in the Arabian Gulf, and is located a few kilometres south coast, and opposite the port city of Jamberoon (Bandar Abbas). The island has over 1,491 km2 length 135 km and width 40 km, and has a population around 113,846 (2010). However, in recent years the Iranian authorities begun to change the demographic of the Island by bringing massive number of settlements from different part of Iran to the Island.

The main jobs of the people in Island is fishing, agriculture, and trade from the Arabian Gulf countries like UAE. However, the Iranian authorities recently prevent Arabs from trading or fishing unless the authorities give the permission, which the native residents rarely receive, the permission. Therefore, majority of Arab in the Island lost their jobs, so poverty increased between families. Hence, due to poverty, majority of people work on smuggle fuel to survive their lives.

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