Condemn Letter


23 Jan 2016

The Iranian revolutionary guard wanted to destroy Ahwazi Arab houses


The reliable sources from Ahwaz informed to the Ahwazi Organisation for the Defence of Human Rights that the Iranian revolutionary guard attacked a village around Ahwaz Capital city to destroy Arab houses, but the revolutionary guard faced with strong resistance from group of Ahwazi Arab women who made a human chain around the home and refused to evacuate.

On early Monday 22nd September 2014, the Iranian revolutionary guard attacked the village to demolish of the Ahwazi Arab houses on the pretext of not having permission to build the houses. The troops were brought several bulldozers, which few soldiers were secure the bulldozers and gave Arabs few hours chance of collecting their goods from inside the houses. However, the Ahwazi Arab women did not allow them to destroy the houses after the guard faced strong resistance of the women.

In recent years, the Iranian authorities in Ahwaz have decided to demolish Ahwazi villages on the pretext of not having permission to build up. Therefore, the revolutionary guard attacked this village to continue with the Iranian authorities policies against Ahwazi Arab people.

The Ahwazi Organisation for the Defence of Human Rights strongly condemned the Iranian authorities ill-treatment against Ahwazi Arab households, and also condemn the Iranian revolutionary guard treatment against the Ahwazi village to demolish the Arab houses. The Ahwazi Organisation for the Defence of Human Rights has also argued the International Human Rights Organisation and Mr. Ahmad Shaheed to put Iran under pressure to stop its treatment against Ahwazi households and not continuing to demolish Ahwazi Arab houses due to any circumstances.



Ahwaz is an Arab land that is located in the southwest and south of Iran. The name of Al Ahwaz has changed to Khuzestan, Bushier and Hurmozgan in 1936, after Iran occupied the country in 1925. Both Iranian regimes, the Pahlavi era and the Islamic republic era, used different ways to suppress Ahwazi voices.

In recent years, the Iranian authorities have demolished several houses in the Ahwazi rural areas, which have increased the number of homelessness and poverty in Ahwaz. over 10 to 15% of Ahwazi households live in relative homelessness, but in recent years this number has increased.

The Iranian authorities want to change the demographic of Ahwaz through demolishing several villages and other parts of rural areas, and also in urban areas. This policy forced massive number of Ahwazi to migrate from rural areas to urban areas, which have increased poverty and unemployment rate between Ahwazi households. Majority of migration from rural to urban mainly live in suburb areas, which increased pollution, unemployment rate, crime and poverty in urban areas


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