AODHR condemns the Iranian crackdown on aid volunteers in Ahwaz


28 Apr 2019

The Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights (AODHR) condemns the arrests and repression by the Iranian regime against volunteers in cultural groups and public relief committees, working to help those affected by the floods in Ahwaz.

Ahwaz people suffer from the Torrential torrents, that were made by the Iranian regime, which unlocked –on purpose- the gates of water channels and destroyed the dams to make the water flow heavily towards the land of Ahwaz Arabia, which is located in the south west Iran, AODHR said in a statement.

The organization deplores the disgraceful role played by Abu Fadl al-Abbas militia, one of the Revolutionary Guards’ terrorist organizations, which arrested members of “Misak El-Nasr” organization for allegedly spreading false news about the disastrous effects of the flood that swept through the villages and cities of Ahwaz.

AODHR announces that “Misak El-Nasr” organization participated in forming public committee to help the afflicted from floods in Ahwaz, adding that it managed to collect essential aid from food, cloths, tents, etc. to afflicted and displaced people.

Misak El-Nasr activities are purely cultural, aiming to spread poetry, music and civic activities to encourage the Ahwaz people to volunteer to help those affected very badly by the heavy floods and to cooperate with the people to build barriers that should stop the water from flowing towards their home towns, AODHR explained.

Iranian regime arrested the members of Misak El-Nasr because of their video posts on social network, which exposed the

Shehab Hassan El-Balawi, member of the organization repeated demands to Mohsen Al-Haidari, a member of the leadership council in Iran, for the immediate release of the detainees, AODHR said, adding that intelligence of the Iranian regime ordered Hakim Saedi, head of Misak El-Nasr organization, to issue a statement to disown the detained group. However Saedi refused and insisted that the detainees are members of his organization.

AODHR also published the names of the detainees: “the poets

1- Hassan Torfi,

2- Issa (Aref) Sawari,

3- Hassan Saadi son of Aziz and

4- Shehab Al-Balawi son of Hassan”.

AODHR strongly deplores the biased role played by the Iranian Red Crescent Societies, which made an unacceptable discrimination against Ahwaz people, by providing the Iranian people with relief while stealing and preventing it from Ahwazis, to put more pressure on them and force them to leave their territories.

The Iranian regime’s Red Crescent Society has played no key role in helping the victims, AODHR said, adding that the Revolutionary Guards are trying in various ways to prevent cultural and popular groups from helping the afflicted aiming to practice more pressure on Ahwaz people, specially, those who lost their homes and lands.

AODHR explained that the Iranian military buildup and the Revolutionary Guard, which is named as a terrorist, as well as military supplies from the El-Hashd El-Shabi militia and Hezbollah, encircling Ahwaz to Suppress freedom and prevent any kind of protests against the regime.

Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights (AODHR)

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