AODHR Condemns Arrest Campaign in Ahwaz


28 Apr 2019

Ahwaz Organization for the Defence of Human Rights (AODHR) condemned the arrest campaign carried out by the Iranian regime forces in Ahwaz’s capital city of Ahwaz in an effort to silence people, suppress freedoms and terrorize citizens.

The organization said in a statement that it is following with a great concern the raids of the Iranian regime’s forces on the Ahwazis’ houses in Ahwazi villages and cities, to grab citizens from amidst of their loved ones, without any charges.

AODHR documented the arrest of four citizens by the Iranian intelligence in the capital, Ahwaz, since January. They all have worked in providing assistance and services to their fellow citizens displaced by the man-made floods and torrents in their homeland.

The statement included the names of the detainees as follows:

1. Mr. Hashem, Son of Naser Al-Harmoushi, 45, from the village of Shobeysheh, a father of five;

2. Mr. Issa Safar al-Nisi, 32, from the city of Sheyban, a father of three, one of them suffers from Autism

3. Mr. Hatem Dehimi, 33, from Molashiyeh neighborhood;

4. Mr. Ibrahim Dehimi, 30, from Molashiyeh neighborhood.

Ahwazi sources stressed that the raids of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ intelligence are legally baseless, and that their goal is to terrorize children and women.

The organization calls upon the international community to intervene quickly to put an end to those criminal practices against the Ahwazi people, stressing on the need to respect human conventions and human rights charters.

AODHR calls upon the world to pressure the Iranian regime to stop the violations against the Ahwazi people i.e. racial and sectarian discrimination and repressive practices that violate all international and humanitarian conventions, as well as working to restore the rights stolen under the umbrella of the Iranian regime to the Ahwazi people.


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