The Ahwazi organization for human rights commends the international condemnation of the Iranian regime’s crimes against the prisoners


22 Apr 2020

The Ahwazi organization demands the High Commissioner to stop the Iranian violations against the Ahwazi prisoners

In a statement, Michelle Bachelet, the previous president of Chile and the United Nations High Commissionaire for Human Rights, condemned the execution of a second minor prisoner by the Iranian regime within four days.
The organization has called on the United Nations to pay attention to the Ahwazi prisoners who are suffering under the oppression of Iranian regime notorious prisons.

The organization called on the United Nations Commissioner to work on ensuring a clean environment, including water, sanitation, and hygiene for all Ahwazi detainees, and to comply the Iranian authorities to take precautionary measures against the Corona pandemic (COVID-19).

Bachelet stressed the need for the international community to address the Iranian violations against the Ahwazi Arab people and to give their cause the importance it deserves.

The Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights stressed the need to send an international mission to investigate the killing of approximately 36 Ahwazi prisoners by the Iranian authorities after organized protests over the fears of infection with the coronavirus.

Likewise, conduct an independent investigation into the torture and deaths that took place in the detention centers and bring those found responsible to justice.
The organization appealed to the international community to carry out its humanitarian duty towards all Ahwazi prisoners and detainees and to stop the policy of impunity for serious violations of international law.

The Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights

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