AODHR Calls on Human Rights Bodies to Protect Ahwazi Detainees in Iranian Regime’s Prisons


26 Aug 2019

AODHR Calls on Human Rights Bodies to Protect Ahwazi Detainees in Iranian Regime’s Prisons


The Iranian regime continues its heinous abuses against the Ahwazi detainees in its notorious prisons, which lack the minimum necessities of life, in addition to the brutal and physical torture and medical negligence that have claimed hundreds of lives.

Recently, the Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights “AODHR” has received worrying information that Ahwazi detainee Yusuf Mahdi al-Fakhir (Yusuf Sawari) has been subjected to a new wave of brutal torture in the prisons of the Iranian regime.

The organization contacted the brother of the detainee, who confirmed that his brother suffers from severe pain in the abdomen and kidneys because he has been subjected to systematic physical torture by security agents of the Iranian regime.

According to his brother, after al-Fakhir’s health deteriorated, he was moved to a dispensary and was placed in front of its gate without receiving any treatment, which contributed to the worsening of his health condition, which seemed to be a form of systematic psychological torture adopted by the Iranian regime’s authorities to double the suffering of the Ahwazis in preparation for weakening them and then extracting whatever confessions they want.

Al-Fakhir, 30, is married and a father of two and a resident of Abu Hemida town of al-Khefajeyah city. He was detained in November 2018 by the intelligence agents of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, and since his arrest his file has not been brought before Iranian courts, increases the fear of his family about the fate that he will face.

The organization confirms that the authorities of the Iranian regime is most concerned with extracting confessions under the weight of physical and psychological torture to put as many charges as possible to justify the imposition of the harshest penalties against them, despite knowing that they have nothing to do with these accusations.

The organization points out that the detainee al-Fakhir is not the first, as there are hundreds of others who experience all sufferings and suffer from the injustice of the prison authorities of the Iranian regime.

The organization asserts that the Ahwazi prisoners and detainees suffer increasingly day after day in the prisons of the Iranian regime and the cellars of its intelligence service whose conduct is not governed there by any law or deterrent of conscience; as torture and denial of access to treatment and medicine are only some of the practices of the Iranian regime against the Ahwazis, especially if it comes to national, cultural or social activity that would alleviate the suffering of the Ahwazi people.

Therefore, the organization calls on all human rights bodies to intervene immediately to provide the necessary protection to the Ahwazi prisoners and to oblige the Iranian regime to respect the human rights and their charters.

It also calls for a comprehensive review of the security and safety arrangements in place in Iranian detention centers and prisons where Ahwazi prisoners are held, and improving their conditions and to ensure that they receive full healthcare.


The Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights “AODHR”

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