Ahwazis hold a sit-in and hunger strike in Berlin as they demand release of ASMLA leaders


21 Jul 2020

A sit-in and hunger strike are continuing in front of the Danish embassy in Berlin. The participants are demanding the immediate release of the leaders and cadres of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz (ASMLA).

The Ahwazi activists opted for the ‘empty stomach battle’ to protest against the unjustified detention of Habib Jabor, the former head of ASMLA, media official in the movement, Yaqub Hor al-Tostari and the movement’s prominent member Nasser Jaborr in Denmark.

Also, the participants in the hunger strike will hand over messages to the Danish and Dutch embassies on the detention of prominent media anchor working in Ahwazna channel, Eissa Mahdi al-Fakher.
They also call on the two European countries not to be subdued by the Iranian regime pressures or the economic deals concluded with it.

Denmarks of the Netherlands had detained the cadres and leaders of ASMLA last February under the guise of investigating them.

There are no charges brought against them. But the cadres and leaders of ASMLA are still detained in a strange case which involves many ambiguous circumstances.

New York-based human rights lawyer and national security analyst Irian Tsukerman called on Denmark and Netherlands to keep in mind their status as world leaders on human rights issues.

” What has happened to Ahwazis in Iran has been abominable, but in addition to what peaceful activists have suffered for the defence of basic human rights once they left Iranian borders is equally unconscionable.”
“Iran has abused the goodwill of the Danish and Dutch sceptical disinformation, political games, and economic and political pressure.”

“In addition to making life living hell for the Ahwazi population in Iran, it has repeatedly interfered with Danish and Dutch sovereignty to assassinate Ahwazi and Kurdish activists and to engage in acts of espionage and violence against Danish and Dutch citizens and residents.”

“All of these issues frame the current situation. The judiciary should keep in mind the context of the current accusation, addressed last year by a court in Poland, acknowledging Iran’s past and ongoing abuses of the international law enforcement/Interpol in its quest to mount false accusations against critics and opposition.”

” We urge the judiciary to be mindful of these attempts to interfere with the sovereignty of European countries, to look critically to the evidence presented, and to allow defendants to retain the counsel of their choice. None of these activists have ever had problems with the law before; there is no reason to believe they out of nowhere became terrorists and spies and went against their new countries or caused any problems.”

“The political context should colour the judges and the investigators in this case very sceptical, and at the same time open-minded to hearing evidence and analysis from other sources.”

“Those of us weighing in on the case are not looking to subvert or to challenge Danish and Dutch systems; we have full respect for the sovereignty and national security interests. On the contrary, we wish the law of these countries to be upheld and not violated by outside interference and corruption.”

The Ahwazi activists partaking in the hunger strike are sending a direct message to the Iranian government that the path of struggle will continue to echo the problems and struggles of the Ahwazi people. The Ahwazis in exile will also continue to express the people of Ahwaz’s aspiration towards freedom and self-determination.

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