Ahwazi detainees face terror charges over burning ATMs


08 Aug 2018

Following the government discriminatory policy in Ahwaz, some cities have been witnessed ATMs being set on fire in protest against such policy by the Iranian regime. The video footages circulated on social media show the action carried out by one or two individuals.

Haydar Abaszadeh, the police Commander of Ahwaz, announced the arrest of four individuals in connection with burning the ATMs in the city of Ahwaz, Kut Abdullah (Karun) and Meysan area. As usual, the security forces attribute the 16 arson incidents to terrorist groups and foreign organisations to supress any resistance against the current regime’s practices and to hand the Ahwazis maximum sentences on charges of terrorism.

The Commander stated that during the investigation and interrogation, the four suspects confessed to setting fire to 16 ATMs in different districts of Ahwaz and admitted circulating and sending video recordings to outsiders. [1]

The Ahwazi Organisation for the Defence of Human Rights (AODHR) is concerned that the confessions were obtained from the detainees under duress and that the four arrested individuals did not have access to legal counsel for the defence during their interrogations. The AODHR casts doubts as to whether the accused detainees will have equal rights before the court and guarantee fair and public hearing by independent and impartial tribunals.


Mashregh News, ‘The arrest of arsonists setting fire in ATMs in Khuzestan’ (6 August 2018) <https://www.mashreghnews.ir/news/881506/دستگیریعواملآتشزدنعابربانکهادرخوزستان> accessed 8 August 2018.

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