05 Feb 2017

The Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights will hold a Human Rights Seminar entitled «discuss the Iranian authorities of human rights violations in Ahwaz» in Vienna, Austrian on 10th February 2017. In the seminar, several human rights figures, academic people, jurists’ experts from Austria, Germany and Britain will be attending. The Arab and non-Arab media will cover the seminar.

Seminar topics:

* The review of Iranian violations of human rights in Ahwaz through a written report in three languages (Arabic, German and English).

* The speech of Ahwazi witnesses who survived of the death penalty by giving documents such as photos and videos, and will explain the human rights violations carried out by the Iranian regime against them.

* Speeches from a number of lawyers and legal experts and representatives of human rights organisations.

The objectives of the seminar:

* Highlight the human rights violations that carried out by the Iranian authorities in Al-Ahwaz where most have not been documented in the previous times, and did not add in the international human rights organisations and institutions reports.

* Address the European elites, as well as European public opinion to support the right of self-determination for Ahwazi Arab people in accordance with international law and conventions in this regard.

* Urgent action and intervene to stop human rights violations committed by the Iranian authorities in Ahwaz by introducing human rights issue on the Human Rights Council of the United Nations and International Courts to hold accountable of the Iranian officials in Al-Ahwaz.

The Ahwazi Organisation for the Defence of Human Rights is pleased to invite you to attend and participate in the seminar, so, please confirm your attendance by calling or sending e-mail to the attached addresses and numbers.

Place, date and time of the seminar:

ARCOTEL Wimberger|Neubaugürtel 34-36 | 1070 Wien|Österreich

Freitag 10 Februar 2017 |17:00 bis 21:00 Uhr

Tel: 00436644510979

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